A cape, a tutu and 1.2 miles

We had a very busy weekend. It started with Claire becoming a marathoner.

She worked very hard for that moment. She ran 25 miles in 1 mile increments for 3 months. She had fun, but most of all, she learned more about empathy and giving. Girl raised 2505 dollars for the ARL. I know, I know, I helped her and stuff, but honestly? I couldn’t have done it without her. Her excitement was contagious and that’s where the majority of the money came from – people excited because she was excited.

I mean, who can say no to a kid? And animals?

Claire was the third highest individual fundraiser for the ARL this year. I’m so proud.

The morning started with her getting on her clothes I had laid out the night before. She was up before the birds, that girl, and Matt and I were fully prepared for that. I braided her hair and put on her ARL tattoo and got her to eat a nice breakfast. By the time we were ready, my mom and dad were there and we were ready to rock and roll.


The running tutu is compliments of a running friend of mine. This woman is incredible. She runs an insane amount of marathons every year. I’m talking a lot. It’s unreal. She’s an inspiration.

So she thought it would be great for Claire to have a running tutu for her big day. She also made her a cape.

We held off having her wear the cape while running since there would be a lot of kids there and I was afraid that someone would accidently grab her cape and she’d get hurt. But that evening, she wore that cape all night with pride.

We made signs for her.

audreysignOne thing I was disappointed in was the lack of signs by the spectators. I’m 90% positive, though, that our 10 signs made up for that.

Come on, parents. Get with it. Signs are where it’s at.

jenClaire had quite the cheering section. All her siblings, Matt, myself, my mom, my dad, Carly, her husband and my dear friends Jen and Michael were there to cheer her on.

carlybenI mean, seriously, my kids alone are quite the cheering section, just because of the sheer number of them.

Matt texted us to let us know when to expect to look for her. The race started at 10, but they went in waves because there were an incredible amount of kids running it.

Claire was in the very last wave.

According to Matt when she started to lose steam (because they had an hour and a half to kill before the race so Matt decided the best way to occupy the time would be to chase her around) she’d give high fives to the people on the side lines cheering the kids on. She even got high fives from EMTs and police officers.

That was the highlight of her day, apparently.

Never mind our amazing signs and such.

Some kids.

She almost got taken out by a sign there at the very end, but oh. my. gosh. That little tutu made her the cutest little ball of fluff to come running down the street that day.

I swear I’m not bias.

The person at the very end of the video who says, “Are you serious?” was asking me if that was my kid. She either now thinks I’m a teenage slut or just very good looking for my old age. I also nearly cried when she ran past.

Yah, yah, yah. I’m a mushy mom sometimes. So sue me.

At around 13 minutes and 1.2 miles, Claire became the youngest marathoner in the family.

I love my little marathoner.



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  1. Hah! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes after watching that video… I would have bawled my eyes out had I been in your place!
    Claire, you are one special little girl. Congrats on becoming a marathoner!

  2. That girl is tutu much!

  3. I’m starting to think Audrey’s tongue is never in her mouth.

    Go, Claire!

  4. Congrats Claire! So awesome!

    Teenage slut. Ha ha.

  5. Way to go, Claire!

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