Phase eleventy-billion: the super cheap bathroom reno

This week I started (and finished) the kids’ bathroom reno. Nothing fancy, because let’s face it – it’s the kid’s bathroom. The bathroom used to be a bright blue with a blue and green striped wallpaper border and a carpenter grade vanity.

I could work with that.

The previous owners had left behind tons of paint. Among the totally awful colors of HELLO YELLOW, was a completely untouched gallon of cream. The color reminds me of the days when I used to drink coffee with my cream.

We also had leftover chocolate colored cabinet paint and handles that I bought too many of when I did the kitchen cabinets.

So far, my reno was going to be free.

But, of course, it wasn’t. That would have been awesome, but whatever.

I also was tired of having a towel rack that fit two towels on it. Let’s get real here, I have four kids. So to solve that, I planned on doing something with hooks. I also planned on framing out the giant constructor grade mirror.

Wednesday I started phase one: Paint the vanity.


Thursday I did phase two: paint the walls. That was three coats of fun. Totally took all morning because of the wallpaper border that I had to remove first.

Today, the kids and I went to Lowes for the wood to do the frame work of phases three and four.

Audrey was perfectly content sleeping in her car seat, so I decided to capitalize on that and make the cut for the hook wall.

I used a cheap stain grade piece of base moulding for that and bought four hooks to attach. I had glass letters from Michael’s that I hope eases the kids’ issues with identifying their own towels.

I stained that puppy a nice walnut stain, attached it to the wall, covered the nail holes with the hooks and called it a day.

It turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself.

phase 3

Then I moved on to phase four. Audrey was still happy in her car seat, so I made the mirror frame with L brackets, stained it and (after she woke up and I fed her, and she subsequently went back to sleep) installed it.

Again. Kind of excited.

phase4All said and done I spent about 50 bucks, which excites me greatly. The bathroom looks completely different and almost, you know, nice.

Next we’re going to install new flooring, because I’m 99% positive there is no protection between the vinyl roll out floor and the subfloor. I’m kind of scared what we’re going to find, but I’m more scared of falling through the floor at some point. From what my neighbor told me when she redid her bathroom floor (because we have identical twin houses,) the subfloor was almost completely rotted through. It’s not even about vanity at this point, it’s about safety. But darn – After I put down the cement board, we get to use this awesome ceramic tile that looks like wood planks.

And then, of course, I’ll get new rugs and stuff since the bright blue doesn’t really go with the scheme anymore, but that’s neither here nor there.

The kids are also going to make some art work for the wall next to the sink.

In three days, I gave us a nice, clean, organized intentional space. It looks like a normal person lives there, and not just someone who slapped a room together and called it a day.

I’m kind of excited.


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  1. I marvel at what you accomplish in your spare time (cough cough) between mothering four kids under the age of 6. Looks great!

  2. Betty Shellhamer

    Have you thought of rearranging the letters to spell CALM ? Might be very zen.

    • You know I thought about that, but then I realized my kids would be in an uproar that Luca isn’t next to Claire and that doesn’t seem very calm and zen.

  3. It looks amazing! And I love the hooks. Great idea!

    I seriously love how good you are at starting and finishing projects so quickly!

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