You don’t say

Audrey likes to tell stories to me. She’s quite chatty for a three month old.

Did you know she’s three months old already?

484866_10151494592533791_1980813216_nShe is.

Great photo, no? Well too bad I keep taking them with my iPhone. You can’t blow those photos up to an 8×10 for the wall. Such a shame. So today I tried to take some photos of her. Problem is, she can see my face when I’m holding the iPhone up to her, but she can’t see me beyond my bulky DSLR.

So I get this.
018And this:

015Three months old and already giving me the look. I swear I caught an eye roll in there.

So I make funny faces at her and smile big and she starts to tell me a story.

It starts with an “Oooh!”

034 2Then she smiles because she’s hilarious.

036Then she gets serious because I didn’t get the joke.

027Then she decides we’re no longer friends.

028She gets over it of course, but still. Such drama, that baby.

The other day a friend asked me how’s it’s going with Audrey and I replied that I just can’t get enough of her.

I mean, really, could you?


Didn’t think so.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Aw! The first pic is my fave but they are all adorable, even (and especially) the crying one.

  2. Here’s your answer. You blow up a pic of yourself, cut a hole where the mouth is, and tape it to the front of your camera. You’re welcome.

  3. I love her! Though I’m still waiting for her to start showcasing her tough as hell /ninja baby skills she was practicing in utero.

    The pouty face is my favorite.

  4. Oh, those cheeks! And those eyes! And that smile! But, still, those cheeks! How do you not munch on them all day long?
    As with Mae, I love that you take pictures of her when she is crying – and that is not meant as mean as it sounds!

  5. Dying. She is so cute. No wonder Mae ran away! The competition is fierce. 🙂

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