The Pocket Rocker

For some reason or another, while sitting on the deck enjoying the beautiful day, Matt felt reminiscent. He started talking about how when he was a kid he had something called a Pocket Rocker.

However –

At the time, he called it a pocket rocket.

This is when I started laughing uncontrollably.

The kids, catching on that Mom thought something was funny started dancing on the bench singing, “Pocket rocket, pocket rocket – yah!”

Let’s back up, shall we?

What is a pocket rocker? 

Take a look:

Apparently that’s how Matt learned the words to “Manic Monday.”

Now, I can assure you, Matt didn’t own a pocket rocket, nor does he today that I know of.

But the damage had been done and the kids were happily singing, “Pocket rocket!”

So this lead me to text my sister, Jessica and Jen. Because that’s what you do when your husband has an epic fail.

My sister immediately started texting lyrics to Manic Monday.

“I wish it were Sunday, ’cause that’s my fun day.”

“My I don’t have to run day.”

Then she said, “I like to listen to my music two songs at a time from my pocket. Oh yeah.”

Jen and Jess had similar reactions with the “OoooooooooooMG,” and “That’s awesome.”

Jen demanded a video.

That is the after effect.

Carly posted the original commercial (seen above) on my facebook page, which Matt smiled and nodded to the entire time because a.) he was right about there being such a thing as a pocket rocker (because there was some heavy doubt) and b.) they are incredible.

So. Now that you all think we’re dirty, dirty people, I’ll leave you with some cuteness:


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  1. Sooo, I don’t know what a pocket rocket is and therefore the joke is a bit lost on me, but judging from the tone of your post it must be something … hmm, how do I put that – for adults?
    Anyways, I just concentrate on the cuteness of the last video. And again: those cheeks! So smooshy! And Mae speaks so clearly, I really thought it was Claire for the first seconds (didn’t read the title…) You and Matt make cute babies!

  2. Woo, new blog outfit! You mean because she’s already talking back to you?
    I’m sitting here spending my whole time on the internet because in my hometown we have a really bad flood (the worst for more than 500 years), and they turned of the TV, so I can’t watch the news. I can’t really go anywhere and they even turned off the drinking water. Luckily until now nobody got hurt (or worse), and in my neighbourhood we still have electricity and I can get the all the information from the Internet.
    Sorry for the long comment…

  3. It’s really sad that when you first told me they were saying “pocket rocket” my thought immediately went to poker… that’s what you call pair of aces – pocket rockets. But then my mind deviated… of course it did.

    And Audrey has the best cheeks ever for the record.

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