Yup. I have four kids.

I was all ready to write a post about the Derecho that came through last night, but truth be told, my brain is too fuzzy to even remember what happened last night. I know it began with thunder at 1 am which lead to Claire sleeping sideways in our bed, to Mae stripping naked to pee in a sort of delirium at 2 and then it snowballing from there. By 6 am, we were all (minus Audrey) sleeping in Claire’s room either on the floor or in her bed in vast disarray, when the power went out.

Needless to say everyone is napping and my head is still on my shoulders far as I know.

There are times when having four kids is really inconvenient. And I’ve learned two perfect reasons why lately. The stomach flu and thunderstorms. There are just too many kids and not enough adults.

The past week, Claire has had a soccer camp that was totally last minute. When I say last minute, I mean, I reserved her spot at 9 PM on Sunday night and showed up for her first day 12 hours later. It’s been wonderful and Claire has caught on beautifully to the sport. On top of that, she is excited about doing a fall soccer league.

Pros, the coaches are extremely good looking so it makes the time pass. And I suppose they’re knowledgeable and stuff – whatever. No, seriously. They are really good with the kids and Claire, since Monday, has improved exponentially.

The camp is literally less than a mile from my house. If I didn’t live on a dangerous back road with a ginormous hill (ask Jess, she knows!) I’d walk. So there’s a con. Another con, it’s 2 1/2 hours long. So there arises the question, do we stay, do we go? Monday, I took the three remaining children to Trader Joe’s for groceries. Tuesday we ran to Dick’s Sporting Goods for some shin guards. Yesterday we came home for Audrey to take a nap. Today we stayed the whole time.

Staying the whole time, when we’re all functioning on very little sleep is no fun. Aside from Audrey who wasn’t affected whatsoever by the storm and ended up sleeping in a 9 hour stretch and then a final 3 hour stretch, Luca probably got the next best sleep with a whopping 6 hours.

Seeing a 2 year old with little sleep playing on bleachers and running nonstop for 2 1/2 hours isn’t fun, people. They get all cranky and annoying. And very, very clumsy. I was surprised, however, that she kept it together for the most part. And when I said bedtime, everyone went straight to the bathroom and then promptly to bed. So there’s an upside.

About a month ago, I started seriously running again. I average running about 4 times a week. So on top of the three spin classes a week I teach and the two body pump classes I take, it’s a lot. I’ve been smart so far and have been listening to my body, so on days like today when my body says, “REST,” I rest. But it’s feeling so nice to be back to it, even if it’s just 20 minutes on a treadmill. I’m currently training for a 5k, which will be the first 5k I’ve run since I was 6 months pregnant with Mae. I’ve got an unrealistic goal of between 24-25 minutes and the more, let’s just try to beat my current PR of 26:02. The race is Wednesday, so we shall see.

The funny thing about having double days is that I actually have more energy. And it usually makes me feel less lazy. The kids keep me company downstairs by spinning in the office chair or playing with random toys that are down there and Audrey loves watching. So it’s doable. Or I just wait until they nap and Claire has her quiet time in her room and I knock out a few miles. Since treadmill running is so boring, I don’t do it for distance. So when I have 20 minutes to run, I try to get in as much distance as I can, but work more on intervals. I’ll warm up at a 6 mph pace, crank it up to 7 mph for a mile, then do a quarter mile at 8 mph and then back down to 6.5-7 mph between bursts. It’s fun and I usually end up with just under 2.5 miles in 20 minutes. Keeps the brain occupied most of all.

And during all of this running and spinning and lifting, it’s been getting warmer outside. So I’ve been avoiding putting on shorts because they were all pre baby shorts and size ridiculous shorts and do I really want to go there shorts.

But yesterday I went there because I found a drawer filled with summer clothes that I haven’t worn in possibly two summers, maybe even longer and wouldn’t you know it? I was able to slip on a pair. Thinking it was a fluke, I tried on another pair that I remember clearly not being able to fit in last summer before I was even pregnant with Audrey. They fit, too.

I shook my head. This has to be a joke. A.) I’ve had four kids. FOUR! I shouldn’t be able to fit in this stuff! and B.) Four kids, people. That takes a toll on your body.

I read the tag. Single digits.

I rubbed my eyes, looked again.

Then I texted my mom.

(Because that’s what you do, people, when something big happens. You always tell your mom first. Especially when you’re 28.)

I feel like I have won the lottery. Because I did NOT want to go clothes shopping. Remember the part where I said I had four kids? Yah, seeing that in three mirrors at every angle under really bad fluorescent lighting isn’t good for one’s psyche. Sure clothes may fit me now a days, but the body under the clothes still needs some work. That’s not to say that I’m not super proud of myself for my personal dedication and results, but let’s get real here. I’ve got stretch marks in multiple places. I’m pale. I have uneven skin and probably when all is said and done, I’ll probably have some loose skin. But I don’t plan on doing much bikini modeling, so I’m cool with that. I’m still strong and working hard and the artist in me loves that my body is a constant work in progress.

So today, when I tried on a third pair of capris that fit easily, I gave a little fist bump and went on about my day like it ain’t no big thing.



But it totally is.

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  1. My cousin, who has four kids, posted on Facebook today about how the oldest of them is at school and the second kid can can dress himself and the third one is potty-trained and the fourth one can feed herself (or something; I didn’t read THAT closely, because, you know, KIDS), and she asked herself what she’s going to do with all of her free time. I thought of you.

  2. I’ve heard it said that when you go from two kids to three, the parents have to go from man-to-man to zone defense. You and Matt are deep in penalty killing mode!

  3. You should totally be able to assign “five for fighting.” Make a penalty box out of the time out corner…

  4. I second the penalty box idea.

    And toddlers without sleep are so goofy… and then so irritating. Hope you all get some great rest tonight.

  5. Betty Shellhamer


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