A side by side

I was asked by a few people how close my drawings are to the actual person I’m trying to draw. So. Here’s an idea of how it looks.

Here’s my adorable Luca man.

LUCAFACEHere’s my adorable Luca man in charcoal and graphite.

Close? Close enough? Artist’s interpretation?

This is the latest one, my niece who I never knew existed to a brother I’ve never met, Madeleine. In the short amount of time I’ve known them, I’ve gotten fairly close with what would be my sister in law through facebook and chatting. We’re both convinced that we’re family for our own selfish reasons. She always wanted a sister, and I’ve always wanted to get to know my brothers one way or another. Turns out she’s really funny and a lot like me which is really fun…and scary.

Any how, they just moved and they will be celebrating their only child’s first birthday alone, away from all family. I wanted to get them a gift to let them know I care and I figured this would be the best.

So Jess whipped me up a quick side by side (because let’s face it, it would have taken me an hour to figure out how the heck to do it,) and now you can really see, quickly, how close it comes.



Not spot on and I’m sure I could have done better (and it looks way better in person, which is a shame I can’t figure out how to photograph it to look like I see it in front of me) but I’m proud of it and my skills.

I’m also glad that what talents I have can make other people happy and feel a little more loved on a happy occasion.

I’ve always wished I could draw cityscapes and things that aren’t just kids’ faces. I need to work more on my skills of drawing adults and that’s another thing that I’d love to work on.

If you could have something drawn for you, what would you choose?


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I think you do an amazing job and those two are some of my very favorite pieces of yours (besides the ones of Sarah, of course). You know that picture of Sarah my aunt took that’s hanging in a gallery? The one I posted on Instagram? Yea, I’d love to see that one drawn. Not that I’m asking you to do it, but I just wonder how it would translate since it’s already black and white.

    • So I sat here thinking, what is tony smoking? Then I went about my day and it hit me. A hot bath. Draw a hot bath. Har har.

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