Facebook me!

If I posted everything I thought I wanted to on Facebook, I’d be so annoying. I already know my posts are probably ten too many, so that’s why I have a blog, right?

So this is my own personal Facebook page right now.

Status: Mae realized that she’s missing some key equipment for peeing standing up. So to still be cool like her brother, she’s taken to peeing backwards on the toilet with the seat up. Kudos.


012Claire’s first day of school.

Status: I spent just shy of forty bucks at post office to send two packages and a book of stamps. While it’s cheaper than airfare, I feel like I should have stuffed a kid in the box for good measure.

Status: Luca is learning how to do addition and subtraction because he wants to be as smart as Claire. Claire is jealous of his new skill and demands I do math problems with her so she can stay on top. Competitive much?

Status: I had to give Matt the whole, kids under a certain age don’t know gender differences, so stop giving me that sideways look because I painted Luca’s toes blue speech.


003Look! My backyard is finally coming together! Yay concrete! The back part of the deck that’s being held up with stilts will be framed in for a shed. WIN!

Status: Happy birthday, Tony. You are surely missed every day. I’m sure you’d be a super hella handsome 31 year old. In fact, I know you’d be.

Status: Audrey was having a hard time napping today. When I gave her the blanket that my sister knitted her, she immediately took it, sucked on her thumb and fell asleep. Guess that’s her official blankie.



Look who’s six months old today! My little Rosie!

Link: We had our photos professionally taken on Sunday morning by Libby Hilf Photography. Warning: I’m going to gush. She was INCREDIBLE! The kids loved her. She was funny, sweet, smiled a ton and reminded me of Buddy the Elf in really cute flats. She’s so reasonably priced because her philosophy is: Everyone should be able to have professional photos. The photos were taken downtown and we got to finally see the Andy Warhol bridge covered in amazing knits! Photos, of course, will follow when I have them. If you live in the Pittsburgh area and are wondering who can take your family portraits, LOOK NO FURTHER! I love her.

Cover photo update:


532527_10151615569893791_1839833439_nStill the greatest photo ever taken.

Status: Thank you to the nice old man who offered to carry Audrey into the post office for me while I was juggling two boxes. But next time, perhaps, offer to carry the boxes, because that was creepy.

Status: Contractor: What’s your name?
Mae: Princess! I take dance class!

Twenty minutes later I signed her up for dance classes.

Status: I’m enjoying the last few weeks of dragging the laundry down to the basement to be done. Why? Because by mid September I’ll be washing everything mere steps from the bedrooms. WINNING.


051At almost six months postpartum. Hard work pays off!


015My husband is a nut.

Status: I’ve been binge reading books by Tess Gerritsen. I’m not ashamed, just sad that I’m almost out of books.

Status: I had to talk to Verizon for 2 hours on a Friday afternoon. I wanted to shoot myself in the eye. And after I told them multiple times that I did in fact do all the troubleshooting PRIOR to calling them, they proceeded to go through them anyhow. When all was said and done, he checked and found out that the internet is down all across my neighborhood. So two hours of my life? Wasted.

Status: Note to self: the guy you were talking to at the bus stop was not your neighbor across the street. So stop talking to him like he is because we look like an idiot.

Status: I’m really going to miss the contractors working outside, except for the cigarette smoke, the fact that they all speak Russian to each other so I feel like I’m stuck in a nail salon where I’m not quite sure if they’re talking about me and my bad cuticles or not, the fact that I have to keep the kids away from the backyard because they’re working and the awkward silence when I try to say something funny and Sergey says, “I don’t know of this Sharknado you say.” Good thing he at least recognizes the zombie apocalypse.

Status: Reading Goodnight Moon with Mae is an adventure. But now she reads it to me, meaning, she reads it WHILE SHOUTING THE WHOLE TIME. But her and I have a cute thing going on where I’ll say, “Goodnight stars,” and she’ll say, “Goodnight air,” and I’ll say “Goodnight…” and she softly says, “noises everywhere.”

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  1. I think I’m pro Facebook-on-blog posts. Seems less stalker-ish, but with similar know-everything-that’s-happening-in-ones-life results.

  2. $40?! Um, I think I should send you a check! If you send the baby though, you’re going to have to hope Sarah can take good care of her because I’m pretty worthless right now.

    I love Mae’s princess answers. And the Goodnight Moon business too. We have books we read together like that and the shouting is adorable.

  3. I think you should do an update like that regularly. Love the little random snippets of information!
    And holy moly do you look good and toned! That is amazing – great job!

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