the snowball effect

What started as a simple idea has turned into quite the project. A few years ago, Matt and I looked at the house and said, “Do we want to put the money into it, or sell it and find one that has what we want without the hassle?”

There are a lot of things I dislike about this house, but whenever I think about leaving, I get sad because I remember why we bought this house in the first place. Matt bought it because of the garage, the space and the backyard. I bought it because of the nursery, the cul de sac and the big Maple in the front. It turns the most fantastic fire red in the fall.

So when we decided that it’d be more fun to renovate and make everything the way we want it over hoping to find a house that has enough of what we like to not need to change it, we had to lay out the plans. Do we go based off of need or logic? Need, being the kitchen and the 6 inches (not exaggerating) of working counter space and logic being going in a specific order that would make everything easier.

Logic won out and we’re on phase 1 of what feels like a million.

Next week, a very nice guy named Don will be moving our laundry space from downstairs in the unfinished basement to the second floor linen closet, so we can, in the future, finish the basement and put a small bathroom in its place.

But see, the linen closet is small. So to remedy that, about 6 inches has to be taken from Luca and Mae’s room (which is no big deal because their room is huge) and the closet may have to be reduced in size by 2 inches. Then there’s the issue of water source. So Don will have to rip up small pieces of the kids’ bathroom floor.

Their bathroom floor, mind you, is subfloor and roll out vinyl. Hardly anything I’d wish to keep. So I asked if Don wouldn’t mind laying down new tile floor. Of course not, since I pay him per day, not project. Then Don says he has to temporarily remove the vanity to gain access to the water supply. Our vanity is carpenter grade and has seen better days. So why not buy a new one, while we’re at it?

This is a slippery slope we’re going down now, you see. Because another thing we’ve wanted to do to that bathroom was to  put in a real tub that’s actually deep and put in a window and real tile surround instead of our bath fitter bathtub. So this is when Matt and I were found standing in the middle of a Lowes aisle slowly taking a simple 3 grand job to something around 5 grand with no idea how we got there.

We then got a little more rational and said, “OK, let’s do this. Let’s do the new vanity, do the tile floor, and save the rest for a little later when we live in it for a while and make sure of what kind of tile surround we’d want.”

Logic sucks sometimes when it comes with a price tag.

So the laundry room project will take a max of 10 days, during which there will be walls missing and floors missing and all kinds of fun things, and I will get to spend those 10 days keeping the kids away from it. I’m not even worried about that. I’m worried about the dog. Sure, it’ll be a bunch of days with missed naps for Mae and Luca, so I’m fully expecting a lot of emotional days and irrational freak outs, but the dog. Oh, the dog. She barks at the mail lady. Every day. Same lady. Barks. When a kid knocks on the wall, she flips out. The kids run too much or too fast, she growls. I slap the spoon on the side of a bowl to get something off of it, she howls.

Silly dog.

Silly old, senile dog.

This very well may kill her.

However, this is a very exciting first step of many for what’s to come. After the laundry is upstairs, we’ll finish the basement. After that, we’ll knock a few walls down and expand the kitchen. After that it’s the ‘master bathroom’ that’s the size of a small closet (I kid you not) and when all that’s done, perhaps someday down the pike I’d love to build a front porch. How come people don’t have front porches anymore? I want a front porch. Give the house a little more character, I think. So, when I’m 90, this will all be done. Maybe 85 if business is good.

It’s fun, dreaming big about all the changes you can make to a house. It’s even more fun when finally, after living in the house for seven years with nary a change, something gets to happen. Even something as small as a laundry room or even the shed we’re building under the one deck. These are big things that will greatly impact our every day. The laundry room for obvious reasons which I’ll simply say, FOUR KIDS. TWO FLIGHTS OF STAIRS. I WORK OUT A LOT. SWEATY. SWEATY, SWEATY, SWEATY. FOUR KIDS. DIRT. CONVENIENCE.


The shed is going to be wonderful because our garage is small. It’s a very tight fit the way we have it set up. So once the shed is built, all the kids bikes and toys, and the lawn mower, and the paint cans, and the shovels, and all the other random crap that seems to end up in the garage will have a new home. I seriously cannot WAIT until next weekend when it’s all done and Matt and I get to clean house.

And there will be photos. OH THERE WILL BE PHOTOS.



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  1. Sounds like it’s Tool Time at the Conti household!

  2. YAY! I am so happy for your laundry situation especially! I remember oh so well having to hike up and down flights of stairs all day to get the laundry done at the town house. What a pain! And yay for the shed! That’s our next big home improvement project too.

  3. I am excited for you!
    Remember the closet we wanted to set up in the living room months ago? Hasn’t been done yet for various reasons (mainly not enough time and energy), but I still hope we can do it in the next few weeks.
    Change in the home is so good because, even if it is just small steps, you are fulfilling your wishes and your very own ideas and visions.

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