The mudpit

Last year, I wrote about the roof that we had built over our deck.

Let’s sum it up. Our deck went from being a space that we never used to an amazing place we love.

But of course, as you fix up one thing, you see nothing but things that need to be fixed around you.

beforemudpit(This was taken last year, shortly after the roof was built.)

So as you can see, beautiful roof with a nice area to relax and below unorganized chaos with sharp jaggedy concrete slabs.

It wasn’t super high on my priority list to get it taken care of, though. But for Matt, he really wanted a place to store his stuff instead of our overstuffed garage.

What took nearly a month to complete is finally done. Let’s go back, shall we?

003It started with two guys digging all day for about three days.

008And here you can see why. They had to dig down the hill, put the deck up on concrete posts, pour gravel and pound it down and then frame out for the concrete.


It was surprisingly not so bad keeping the kids away because they knew every day after the workers left, they’d get to go have a supervised inspection of the work being done.

And guys, a cement truck came. The kids were, well, this is how they were about it:

012Two days, we had the concrete truck come, because the pad had to be poured in parts. Two days of concrete trucks. You’d think it was Christmas morning the way the kids acted.

003Now do me a favor and look at this above picture here, and then scroll back up to the very top photo. DO YOU SEE THAT?


What you’re seeing is not a mirage. It is clean, orderly, not a death trap laced with mud.

005Then the magic started. It was framed in. Sergey, the ever trustful contractor, chose a nice plywood, but really looks like siding, finish.

And before I knew it, it was done.

So I immediately did what it is that girls do when manly projects are finished: I decorated.

finishshedThe couch that Matt and I built without killing each other fit perfectly.

So it’s a shed, built under our second deck. It has been waterproofed and it comes complete with a window. For the men, yes, it’s got a cinder block base and a french drain.

When Matt decided he needed the shed, I made one request, that I have a separate place to put the trash and recycle bins.


Which is really great, because now I have a new time out spot for the kids.

timeoutAnd best of of all, it’s the perfect size for all of the bins. So I’m happy.

fullviewSo there you have it.

Matt has a shed. He’s still in the transition phase of putting stuff in it, but it’s already pretty much at capacity. This, however, has forced me to clean out a bunch of stuff. I found that we had two sandboxes, so I gave one to a friend. We had tons of toys that the kids never ever used and so many other random things we’ll never use again that will be going to either Goodwill or to the yard sale my MIL is having in the next few weeks. (I mean, an upright steamer? Anyone need a garment steamer?) So it’s an all over feel good thing.

Tomorrow a new contractor, Don, will be at the house to start taking walls down in preparation for the Great Laundry Room Move of 2013. That should be a fun time of keeping the kids away, you know, since it’s Luca and Mae’s wall that’s coming down in the process.

I’m claiming Facebook as my stress outlet. Sorry in advance. (First world problems.)

So in two or three weeks, expect a new before and after post.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. That looks just so great, and more storage is always good! Love how excited your kids are. Will the couch stay there or go back to the second deck?
    I can’t wait to see the post on the laundry room – and whatever project comes up next in the process…
    By the way, yesterday we finally assembled the (used) cupboard in our living room – I don’t really like the colour, the doors still don’t open and close well (in spite of one whole hour playing with the hinges), but: a place to store the vacuum cleaner, laundry racks, ironing board and all the board games – and there’s still room left!

    • Oooh! That’s so exciting! Reminds me of when I built the closet organizers for the kids and have more space than things to fill them with. It’s an odd feeling.

  2. So you’re sticking the kids in with the trash when they misbehave. You can imagine how perfect I think this idea is.

    Also, “French drain” sounds like a euphemism for “vagina”.

  3. Betty Shellhamer

    Wonderful project so well done. Waiting for the next project finished photos!

  4. This looks absolutely amazing! So happy for you! Can’t wait to see it in person one day. 🙂

  5. A shed with a window. Now you’re just showing off.

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