What’s been going on? Well, a lot, really.

Construction’s been going well. The contractor is amazing and OCD and I love him. He puts up with Luca following him the majority of the day and it’s looking so nice.

Friday he got all the tile in, and he, after I may or may not have begged, agreed to let me grout.

And grout I did. So Saturday afternoon came and I grouted. OH I GROUTED. And it even looks like it’s supposed to!

Earlier on Saturday, Mae cracked her head off the corner of a chair. After cleaning out all the blood, because let’s face it, foreheads bleed a lot regardless of size of injury, I noticed it was a small, but rather deep hole. Matt agreed – we should take her to the Children’s Hospital Express Clinic to get it closed up. It was gaping and it would scar. After the great coffee burn incident of 2012, I avoided her scarring there, I’d be damned if she scars from this.

So we headed off to Lawrenceville to get her head fixed. She was in fantastic spirits. You’d never think she got royally jacked. I dressed her in her fanciest outfit, got her Darbies together in her new fancy bag and we were off. (Darbies = Barbies.)

After a not so horrible wait, the doctor agreed, it needed to be closed. But first she needed to have it irrigated out because, as I said, it was deep. That was the only time she cried, when it was being irrigated. It had to hurt pretty good. But she calmed as soon as I started to sing her “Twinkle, twinkle” and as soon as the irrigating was over, she didn’t even flinch when they squeezed her cut together to glue it.

This was taken while we waited for the doctor:


Seriously a champ.

On the car ride home she said, “Thanks mom for making me feel better.”

That night we all went to Target. It’s a really not a good thing, Matt and I and all the kids together at Target. We buy things we shouldn’t. We browse. We act like children. We do things like this:

8299_10151718976068791_590935501_nToday I went through all the kids’ drawers and cleaned out clothes that don’t fit anymore. Then I took all the clothes a friend of mine gave me for Claire and Luca and organized that. Then I took the clothes that I got from my sister in law for Mae, along with Claire’s old clothes and organized THAT. Lastly, I handled all Audrey’s clothes, which was refreshing because they were nice and small. If I ever complained in the past about cleaning out drawers when it was just Claire, someone hit me. Because one kid is nothing in comparison to the madness I spent cleaning out drawers for nearly two hours for FOUR KIDS.

That’s a lot of dang kids, people.

I’m so thankful for all the hand-me-downs too. They’re in fantastic condition and I didn’t have to pay a cent. I guess I’ll just tuck that would have been money into their savings accounts.

Another thing I’m thankful for. My kids have savings accounts.

So see, then I ended my day checking in on the Amazon.com wishlist. Since I posted it, over 500 dollars worth of merchandise has been purchased for these families. And that’s not including the items my dear friend’s mom bought on her own for them. The boots the woman with cancer wanted? Handled. In fact, she’s getting two pairs. The winter coats for the kids? Bam. Bought. The vacuum cleaners and toasters? On their way to my house. Microwaves? You know it. Paid for.

If you have a minute, take a peek at it. It’s doing pretty good. The spinathon will raise money for me to buy the remaining items as well as gift cards for the women to have to buy groceries. Things that I’d most like to see purchased are the bed sheets and the undies. Every clothing item on there is for the kids. The one child is in adult sizes, so please don’t let that discourage you. So the undies, the socks, the boots – all for the kids. The majority of the gifts the kids requested for Christmas have also been purchased.

This blows my mind. If I had thousands of dollars to spare every year, I’d do this completely on my own. And I know I’d have that good feeling, but the truth is, I have a better feeling when everyone around me is also giving. I love checking the list and seeing more things checked off. I love hearing people tell me how good it felt to give. I love how easy it is to do. Most of all, I love that with a little poke and prod, you guys are helping me to feel really good. It’s a joint effort. I couldn’t do this at all without everyone who took the time to browse and buy.

This morning I went for a run, and it was the kind where I felt like I could run forever. I truly felt as if I had no real big stressors bearing down on me. It was me, my pink shoes, Pandora and the road. I’m pretty sure the spinathon and wishlist is why. I just can’t explain it. I feel good when I’m doing good. It doesn’t matter if it’s a charity event or having taken the time to completely clean out my refrigerator. It’s just that happy, I did something awesome feeling. And this is awesome.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow Don the contractor will put the kid’s bathroom back together and I will go to a Penguins game courtesy of a very kind person. By Wednesday I should have a fully functioning laundry room within feet of my bedroom, the kids will have their bathroom back and I will sit in the hallway and stare at the amazing tile floors and my new laundry room.

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  1. Wow, just wow. That is a lot of things happening in such a short amount of time. Poor Mae, I hope she had no pain whatsoever afterwards. Such a little trooper!
    Can’t wait to see pictures of the renovations done!
    You know, I used to worry if it was psychologically healthy to feel good when doing good, like helping people, cheering them up, and so on, but I don’t do that anymore. More joy in the world is a good thing. The end. I think you are doing an amazing thing, and I hope the families get all they need!
    Oh, and did you buy that hotdog costume?

  2. Best Halloween costume ever… although in Pittsburgh, it should probaby be a bratwurst instead of a hot dog.

  3. Do they make that costume in adult sizes? Because it’s really either that or an adult onesie for me this year.

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