Let’s talk bathrooms

So we’re still in the trenches of the laundry room construction. Our poor contractor got the mother of all colds and had to miss a few days, which I say fine by me – we’re already battling colds here.

But let’s talk the bathroom. It’s nearly done. And what a nightmare it’s been.

See, to put in the plumbing for the washer and dryer, the floor of the kids’ bathroom had to be cut open. Fine by me, being as the flooring we had was roll out vinyl with nothing but a plywood barrier. Not much in the way of moisture protection, eh?

So here’s the problems we’ve faced over the last few weeks:

1. An important piece of piping broke causing a waterfall in my kitchen. It was by no one’s fault, but it was funny and awful all at the same time.

2. A teeny, tiny washer was missing in one of the pipe connectors, thus causing a slow leak, again, into the kitchen. It was easily fixed, but a minor headache having the water turned off overnight.

3. The vanity I chose from IKEA has drawers. It features a shallow sink, perfect for housing the piping that goes under said sink. But whose pipes are the most inconvenient in the entire world? You betcha. Mine. We had extra pipes for air venting (which apparently is the cheap route, go figure, most everything in our house originally took the cheap route. Yay, Maronda homes!) So the drawers couldn’t close the entire way.

But the contractor kept his cool and simply notched out a small part of the bottom drawer and after a few suggestions from myself (thanks to years of playing Tetris) we were able to rig up everything so that the drawers fit.

4. My house has 20 inches between each stud. Not the typical 16 or 12 inches in most houses. Therefore, less solid wood to attach things to. So that was just annoying when you get designated areas to attach screws to, and instead you have to go six inches off that in the middle of a board. I honestly don’t care since I’ll never see it, but annoying nonetheless.

5. The pipes that were in the way of the drawer were also short. So the contractor had to make extra trips to Lowes.

6. The faucet that I already had and assumed to use on the new sink wasn’t compatible with the new sink. So I had to buy a new faucet. Not awful, but still not something I was expecting to have to spend money on.

See, this is extra time, which eats away at the actual reason he’s here – the laundry room. I’m cool with it all, especially since he does things right and has a major case of OCD, again, something I’m happy with. Still, I feel bad taking a normally simple project and then adding to it. In other words, the vanity.

BUT IT’S IN! It’s beautiful! And aside from the grout for the backsplash and the baseboards that still have to go on, it’s awesome!

I’m so insanely jealous of my kids’ bathroom it’s not right. But at least we have one room in the house that’s all taken care of. It finally has the much needed moisture barrier thanks to cement board and porcelain tile and it has storage. Because four kids in a small bathroom makes for not much room.


The vanity is from IKEA, as is the matching mirror. The backsplash tiles are leftover from our kitchen. We had the perfect amount, so why not use them? I’m most excited about that. The light had to be moved up about a foot and turned upward so now it’s less harsh lighting, too. And since he was taking the time to move the light, I had him swap it out for the one in the master bath because it was prettier and more people will see it. (YES I KNOW HOW VEIN THAT SOUNDS.)008

Another shot of the beautiful floors. It’s tile planks to look like hardwood, in walnut.010Now all that’s left is for the kids to move in and basically dirty it up. But for now, I’m enjoying it in its almost finished, pure form.


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  1. It looks so amazing! I can’t believe that about the waterfall in your house. So glad y’all got it under control quickly. And good thinking on the drawers!

  2. That is such a beautiful room! I mean, you more than deserved that outcome after all that has happened in the construction phase. I have never seen tiles like that, by the way…
    I hope everything is alright with Claire and the other girl stopped bullying her.
    How is the current situation right now in the US? From what we hear in the news here, it sounds quite stressful. Is the public transport system still working?

    • Apparently everything with the bully situation is just fine. Claire says the girl is super nice to her, which makes me think it was a misunderstanding, but we’re all still watching. Closely.

      You know? I don’t know much about the situation here because I’m pretty much not watching the news. No one wants to talk to either side and it just is, well, annoying. So I watch Jon Stewart to get my updates. (He’s hilarious.)

      The only thing I know of is that they’ve closed all the national memorial sites which is so stupid.

      The whole thing is stupid! We look stupid!

      • I am glad to hear Claire is alright! And I really hope that girl continues to be nice…

        I think politicians in general and almost everywhere tend to not act accordingly to the topic on discussion, but are quite stubborn, short-sighted, want their will 100 % implemented, don’t want to accept an offer of the other party and so on. But yeah, in this case it looks like a whole different level, sending all the people of the closed institutions (even health-care ones!) on unpaid leave and so on. Perhaps the politicians themselves should stay unpaid until they manage to find a solution, I bet that would fasten the process a lot!
        And I LOVE Jon Stewart and his whole show – funny and intelligent. They used to air it here on Comedy Central, but stopped it in favor of South Park – blargh!

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