The curse of the Contis

So, remember when Mae had her forehead glued shut a few weeks ago? Apparently all things come in threes.

For real.

Anyhow. Mae got her forehead glued shut. It was awful, but calmly handled.

So who’s next? Claire! Friday after soccer practice, I noticed a limp. A few days prior she had been complaining of some knee pain, but it was so off and on that I didn’t really know what to make of it. She rested mostly on Sunday and again, complained off and on about her knee hurting, not even able to climb up the stairs.

When Monday rolled around, and she went to get her shoe on, the pain was so bad for her, she couldn’t even keep her balance.

Matt and I both agreed that a quick trip to express care was in order.

We got there and they sent us to the ER.

A few x-rays later, they determined they’re not quite sure what was wrong with her. Either she had a very small fracture on the head of her Tibia, or it was just a sprain. They gave us a knee immobilizer and sent us on our way with instructions.

Given that she was running full throttle today after four days of rest makes me think it was a sprain that had already begun to heal a while back.

Fingers crossed.

This morning, while waiting at the bus stop, a neighbor’s dog got loose. It’s a puppy, but it’s a BIG puppy. Probably 70 pounds of pure, high octane, OMG OMG OMG OMG WHERE’S THE BONE, WHERE’S THE BONE? puppy. All the school kids were on the bus, but Luca and Mae insist on coming to the stop every morning and since Matt was out of town, I had Audrey, too. My other neighbor, Natalie, was there with me, trying to grab the dog. It’s a good dog. Really. Just. Well, a puppy. But Luca and Mae don’t know this, they just see a big dog, bigger than them. So Natalie hugged Mae to her leg and I tried to get Luca, but Luca got scared and immediately started to run away down towards our house.

What’s a puppy do when you run?

That’s right.

So the puppy bounded and Luca went about 3 feet in the air and landed on his knee.


So I passed Audrey off to Natalie, grabbed Luca, did a quick look over and then took off stalking up the street to the other cul de sac, prepared to rip the owner a new one.

When I got there, the puppy was sitting at the door step looking at me thinking what’d I do? 

The owner wasn’t home.

I turned around and saw her car pull up. She had been out trying to get her dog back.

I told her that the dog knocked my son down and he got a scraped knee. She looked so flustered. And I immediately felt SO BAD. I’ve been there before. I remember back in the day when our dogs would get loose and Carly and I would have to pile into the van and chase them down.

So I tried to help her get the dog back into her house, found it in vain and walked back home. Natalie looked at me and just laughed.

So three out of my four kids have been somewhat traumatically injured in the last few weeks. LET THIS BE ALL.

But it could have been way worse. Because from this, I got to take the time to teach the kids how to react to a dog attack. I tell them all the time that not all dogs are like Sadie, where you can basically do whatever you want to her (within reason) and she’ll take it. I think it’s something that needs to be taught more of in general. So I texted my friend Jen who works with dogs and she told me what to do and promised to send me a video to show the kids.

And wouldn’t you know it? The owner of the dog felt so badly, that she actually went out and bought Luca a board game and a really awesome Melissa and Doug pretend grill complete with tongs and kebab sticks. He loves it, and has been playing with it all night. She dropped it off at my house and profusely apologized again.

I told her, honestly and sincerely, that I forgave her. Shit happens and no one is badly hurt.

But just for good measure, I’m going to wrap Audrey in bubble wrap for a few weeks.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I’m glad that lady was apologetic and did something to make up for it instead of being rude and defensive. That goes a long way. And glad to hear Claire is feeling better too!

  2. Whoa! I think that is more than enough now. So much accidents in such a short amount of time.
    Love it that you forgave your (apparently really sorry-feeling) neighbour explicitly, that is so nice of you. I bet it helped her with the guilt.
    Wrap Audrey really tight in that bubble-wrap – or perhaps all the kids…

  3. All the knees looked pretty good when everyone was running around the house in your Facebook video last night.

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