It’s just Ducky

I have no idea what the big deal about the giant duck that has taken over downtown Pittsburgh is. All I know is I love it. If that duck could be here forever, I’d be the happiest girl. Why does it make me so happy? Look at it!

048I mean, it’s so cute. It’s happy to see you! It blends right in, what with our gazillion yellow bridges.

I decided that today was going to be the day we went to pay Mr. Ducky a visit. I’ve been dying to go, but I had to pick a time all the kids were available and accounted for. So today was it. I packed up the younger three, and we sat at the bus stop waiting for Claire’s bus to drop her off. Her bus was, of course, 20 minutes late, but the kids didn’t care, they were excited.

When it finally dropped her off, she looked around for me, asked my neighbor where I was, and when Natalie pointed at my car, she lit up and said, “DUCKY!” and took off running to us.

It was my first time being back at the fountain since it was closed for several years under repairs, so that was really awesome.

018Seriously, it was closed for so long that Luca was only a tiny baby the last time it was open and we visited.

It’s kind of fun, that Audrey is so little, and finally getting to see the fountain herself.

023For those that have no idea what fountain I’m talking about, it’s the one that makes Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh. It sits directly at The Point where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers combine to make the Ohio River. (There’s some trivia for you.)

We had SO. MUCH. FUN.

I mean, a 40 foot inflatable duck! What more do I really need to say? As we walked through downtown to get there, the people we passed who had just seen it up close had these really cute perma smiles. Kids, adults, elderly. Smiles the lot of them. These huge goofy grins. I mean, how can you be sad around the duck? It’s such a great duck.

Yes, I’m gushing about a giant rubber ducky.

052No matter where you look, THERE IT IS.

Seriously. Love the duck.

1234472_10151753767483791_602122337_nEven Audrey tried to imitate the duck.

I probably could have sat there all day. I’m sure the kids could have, as well. They were content just being at the fountain and taking in the sights. It wasn’t overly crowded, but just right.

But three missed calls from Matt later told me that we had to get back towards his office so he could take Luca to soccer practice, so we said bye to the giant ducky and went on our way.

However! The day got even better. There was a fire truck right outside of Matt’s office, and you know how much Claire loves fire trucks. Claire didn’t even have to ask. The firemen got out of the truck and asked if the kids wanted to go in. Luca, of course, was too shy. Mae could care less because she was eating cinnamon almonds. But Claire? She lit up and climbed in. They even had her push buttons to make sounds, which startled Luca, and made me laugh.

They wished her a happy birthday, which made her even more giddy, and I snapped her picture.

996605_10151753555973791_1621617473_nTruly, if I had my way, I would have taken photos of the firefighters, but you know. THIS WAS FOR THE KIDS. (I also think I said, “Oh look, there’s my husband walking towards me,” as I wiped off the drool.)

Claire said, as we walked back to the car, “Giant ducky? Firetrucks? SIRENS? You know, Mom, if the Pirates win, today will be the bestest ever.”

Bestest day ever. Make it happen Buccos.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I waterworks, fire trucks and an inflatable. Sounds like a bachelor party.

    But seriously, what’s not to love?

  2. So cute and yellow! Love the pic of all four kids with the fountain!

  3. Oooh, I love it! So so cute – although in the picture with Audrey, it also looks a bit scary. It is so huge! Who put it there? Is it from the town? And did the pirates win?

    • Not really sure why it came. But today is the last day it’ll be here. Sad.

      The pirates did not. But I’m still happy for them that they made it that far anyhow!!

      Sent from my iPhone


  4. College kids love the ducky too. My son went to see it with friends and loved it! Sorry about the Pirates.

  5. Pittsburgh will be sadder when the duck leaves than they were when the Pirates lost.

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