A case of the blahs

This morning Mae, Luca and I had a case of the blahs. I hate the blahs. Blahs are unproductive and can make the rest of the day boring. So after I got Claire on the bus, we went upstairs and decided to have silly time.

Now, I’m sure there’s a normal way to get rid of the blahs. But in my world, there’s only one real answer:

photo 2That’s right, we put on the Macklemore song, “Can’t Hold Us,” and had a dance party in the bathroom. But not before we put honey in our hair and on our faces. Because, you know. Why not?

Suddenly we were happy. Sticky, but happy.

The kids got an extra long bath, I got a shower and by that time, Audrey was awake. It felt like I had truly hit the reset button which was great, because I really needed it.

While I fed Audrey her breakfast of sweet potatoes, Luca read me a book. For anyone out there with kids just learning how to read, our library has these books that have been amazing. They’re the little (insert letter here) series. Claire reads them pretty much effortlessly anymore, but Luca, who is getting into bigger words than cat, hat and sat, it’s good for prompting and word sounds. They are basically these little kids who are named Little (letter) and they fill a box with things that start with that letter. Today we read Little K, and the boy made himself king, filling the box with Koalas, Kingbirds and kettledrums. It’s ridiculous, but awesome all at the same time. It uses mostly sight words, which Luca has down at this point, so it’s very rewarding for him.

Since he read the book really well, he got rewarded by playing a memory game on my computer.

photo 1

Which reminds me how badly I need a tablet up in here. The kids keep poking my screen, thinking it’s a touch screen. Not to mention Matt and I signed up for the marathon again, so there will be many hours spent on the treadmill. Staring at a cinder block wall. Yah, no. I’d rather watch movies.

This weekend Audrey said her first word.


Just in time to go to Louisiana for four days. Matt said when I come home she’ll be saying, “Dada,” and “No, no, no.”

I don’t doubt it.

One of Claire’s gifts at her party was a labyrinth like toy. Remember that game? Well, now since it’s 2013, everything has to be one upped. This one is in a ball. And it’s effing hard. It says ages 8+ and I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t get past 38. (Out of 100.)

photo 3

Matt’s turned somewhat obsessed, because last night (day two of this madness,) he told me about his day while attempting to get past the 50 point mark. After about 45 minutes of trying, he resorted to Twitter then bed.

This is what becomes of you when you turn 31 apparently.

photo 4

Claire got her beloved Batman costume and at the same time turned into quite the little feminist. When I said, “Hey, Batman,” she looked at me and very seriously said, “Bat WOMAN.”

Sor-ry, girl. You go on with your bad self.

Audrey got in on the action of course.

photo 2 (1)Because she’s stinking adorable and that’s why we have kids, amiright?

photo 5I mean, come ON! And I’m leaving that face for four days. It’ll be an awesome four days and I’ll be busy enough not to miss them terribly, but seriously. If you could look at that face every day, wouldn’t you want to?

Yesterday, after going to Trader Joe’s, I finally started drawing Jessica’s uncle’s dogs. He just got married and as a gift she asked if I could draw their kids. I’m not usually one who thinks little yippy dogs are cute, but after taking two hours of my life to draw them, I have to say, they’re kind of cute. I don’t feel the urge to punt them. (Seriously, I’d never punt a dog. Just threaten.)

photo 1 (1)

So I finished drawing the both of them (this was only half-way through) and for the first time in a long time, I’ll hand deliver one of my drawings! Straight to Louisiana!

Unless I forget it.

Then Matt gets to ship it.

One thing I have to say I’m so proud of, is now that Claire’s fully involved in school and it’s normal around here to not have her here during the day, Luca and Mae are pretty good friends now. Their squabbles are seriously limited anymore and as I type, they’re up in their room playing with Mae’s baby dolls and I think they’re blowing them up with bombs. But I’m not completely sure. I do hear Luca making siren sounds and Mae talking about going to the doctor.

Either way, they’re best friends until the minute Claire steps off the bus, and then Luca is fully invested into Claire again. However, Claire gets off the bus and immediately draws or does math problems.

Seriously, I don’t know what’s wrong with her, either. But I encourage and check over her work. She loves to learn, that’s for sure. And since this is Claire we’re talking about, she tends to take something and amplify it by a million. You say 8 hours of schooling? I see your 8 hours and add in an hour of reading and math!

Take that!


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  1. Ah, the blahs! I know them too well, lately too many days have started that way, and I am afraid not very many have turned out as well as yours…
    Your kids are too adorable – love love love the BatWOman, and Audrey talking, oh my! Luca is beaming with joy playing that game! And how come I forgot about using honey as a face mask? I am having quite irritated skin at the moment and that might solve it, as it has so many times. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Your family is adorable and I’m so glad Audrey said mama first! Good luck to Matt with all four – though I know it helps that they all play together. Thanks for the drawings!!!

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