baby boot camp (with an adorable video)

So finally, Audrey, Miss I’m fine, just let me sit here/lay here/be a slug has finally showed interest in movement. Personally, I was OK with the fact that she enjoyed not moving much. Let’s get real here, when a baby can’t move, one doesn’t need to baby proof.

After living through early bloomers, with Claire walking at 10 months, Luca walking at an amazing 9 months and Mae walking at 10 1/2 months, I was pretty excited with Audrey’s lack of enthusiasm.

Guys, there’s a time and place to get excited about our kids milestones, and with crawling or walking or motion of any kind, after the first kid, you really learn to be patient. Because, at least in my situation, another small moving body among all of the toys that the older kids left laying around was really a recipe for disaster. Not to mention left open doors for little bodies to go flying down, left open drawers for little fingers to get smashed in, pieces of random the dog won’t even touch that food left under the table, and STAIRS.

I mean, yes. I was all, “Yay! Look at little Luca walking!” and then about a week later I was all, “Luca. Stop walking. Mommy’s tired of chasing you.”

And yes, I’ll be all, “Yay! Audrey! You rock!” but then by 8 p.m. I’ll be in the corner crying softly.

Little bodies are no joke. And if they’re anything like I was as a kid, they’re sneaky, too. My mom reminds me often that she had to put actual bells on my shoe laces so she knew where I was half the time. A quick pee break turns into Cassie halfway down the street talking to a guy on a motorcycle. (Sorry, ma.)

Luckily, I’ve survived, as have my children. Even more importantly, I’ve survived as a parent.

So Audrey. She was my golden child. I had high hopes for her being a late bloomer. She was hitting all the appropriate milestones, but could really care less to duplicate them more than once.

Say Mama? Sure. I got that on film. Do it ever again? Only when really pissed. Roll over? Sure. I’ll do it, and early to boot. But don’t ask me to repeat that unless I’m alone in my crib where no one can see me. Sitting up? Solid. But even if I wanted to go from sitting up to laying down because I’m so tired, forget it. I’m just going to sit here and scream.

You get my point.

Audrey made me giddy. Finally. A kid I could count on not climbing the stairs at 6 months – I’m looking at YOU, Luca. A kid that wasn’t falling down the stairs at 7 months because WHY DO KIDS CRAWL AT 7 MONTHS?? Again, Luca, stop it. A kid that wasn’t all, “Hey ma, I’m going to do all the things!”

You know, a normal kid.

Audrey is right on par for being average. This makes me very happy.

But with everything, all good things must come to an end.

Audrey has eyed up crawling. Butt in the air, inchworming, army crawling, rolling to a certain location, distance be damned – crawling.

And since I’m me, I turned it into a challenge.

Yes, I’m that mom.  I moved my kid’s toys out of reach for the sake of crawling. And I bribed her with the cat she shrieks over.

I’m pretty happy, though, that through it all, she resigned herself to to being cute. I’m OK with this now. But when she’s 14, that’ll have to stop.

Oh that face.

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Posted on October 31, 2013, in Cassie. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Oh, I love it! Amazing how she stays so calm and sweet … and even breaks out smiles for ger toy-moving mom!

  2. Betty Shellhamer

    Yes she wants the kitty, maybe even the dog, their quiet lifestyle is coming to
    an end very soon. They will be on a different floor when she gets in full moving gear!

  3. Oh those evil stairs. I don’t see how you haven’t lost your mind over them yet.

    Here’s to late movement! Because we all know they will get there eventually. I still can’t believe she’s old enough to be doing that already.

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