No more Deo for the B.O.

Did you know that Toms of Maine is owned by Colgate-Palmolive? And Burt’s Bees is owned by Clorox?

I do now.

Step by step I’ve been slowly cutting out the chemicals that I put on my body. I don’t use shampoo, I use Dr. Bronner’s soap for body wash, I use coconut oil as a moisturizer, I have done away with commercial toothpaste and several months ago I finally took the big step and did away with deodorant.

Why did I stop using commercial deodorant? Because, for me, it was a very personal decision. I had been doing a lot of research about the links of using an antiperspirant and breast cancer, Alzheimer’s and other endocrine disruptions. Not to mention, by putting a layer of aluminum over the arm pit, it blocks the exit for a lot of the body’s toxins – typically pushed out by the lymph nodes.

Don’t worry, guys. I’m not smelly. In fact, for how much I work out, you’d think I’d be, but I’m not! Truly!

When I first swapped over, I tried Tom’s of Maine. It didn’t work. I looked into Arm and Hammer’s natural line, but it still contained some chemicals and that would kind of defeat the purpose. Then I looked into Burt’s Bees and was so sad to learn it was bought out by Clorox. Since then they’ve been known to use synthetic materials (read: chemicals) and that made my heart so sad. Because it smells SO good.

Frownie face.

I just couldn’t anymore. I couldn’t take that risk.

I tried some all natural (for real) deodorant and it was great, but it gave me such a rash.

Back to square one.

Then a friend suggested a company called Bubble & Bee.

Please note, I have not been paid for ANY of this. It’s just amazing.

Bubble & Bee uses only natural ingredients. All of which you can actually read on the label. It smells amazing, and, (wait for it) IT WORKS. (My favorite kind is Geranium Lime pit putty for the record.)

Some helpful things to note when switching from commercial deodorants and antiperspirants:

You will go through a phase where no matter what you do, you will smell. It’s the body’s way of purging toxins that were typically blocked by the aluminum. For me, it lasted just under two weeks. For my husband, it was almost three, and he complained the entire time. Like, in the middle of the night he’d wake up and say, “I STINK!” I’d laugh, then he’d yell at me, saying it wasn’t funny that he smelled. (Seriously, though, it was funny.)

Being smelly isn’t fun, I agree, but being smelly for a few weeks totally outweighed the questionable mental deficits later on in life.

I simply traveled with my pit putty and would reapply multiple times a day and showered twice a day. It worked.

Now, there are days where I’ll forget to put on the pit putty and I will hardly even smell, which, seriously, for how much I work out is pretty amazing. It’s not like my pits smell like roses 24/7, but when I have my pit putty on, I smell like geranium and limes. It’s not like when you use Febreeze in a bathroom and then it smells like shitrus (as my MIL would say,) it really, truly works.

I tried a lot of companies and products and spent a lot of money trying to figure out what works, and I’m glad I finally found one. Now I just wish they had a referral program because I’d have a lifetime supply of free pit putty the way I’ve converted people.

Your turn!


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  1. I used a mixture of coconut oil, baking soda and tea tree oil as a natural deodorant for a few months this year (after having experimented a lot with the ratios) and IT WORKED, but then I got a rash too. It wasn’t pretty (just pretty painful) and I had to give up making my own deo. I then found an all natural deo by The Body Shop which smells amazing and, although not as well as the chemical ones, works pretty well. Guess what: this summer they discontinued the natural deodorant line… Why, oh why??? 😦
    Now I am back to the search, trying out other natural ones (haven’t found one that works) and using a deo with aluminium for the few days that I have to avoid smelling due to the work. Perhaps they sell bubble & bee here in Europe, too?

    • Yes. I found it’s the baking soda that gave me a rash. And just coconut oil wasn’t cutting it. I wonder if they ship internationally?

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      • I had a look at their website and it seems (from the information they put there) that they use only coconut oil, arrowroot powder and essential oils in their deodorants. If I can’t get my hands on the products here, I might give it a try and experiment with those ingredients a bit, although I suppose that might be tricky too…

  2. I’ve been using a natural deodorizing cream made in Freeport, PA at Riverhouse Bath & Body. I love it! I don’t use it every day, but I do use it on days when I know I will be moving a lot or dressed warmly. They have a FB page and the owner is very knowledgeable about natural living.

  3. I’ll try it! I just wish it didn’t have such an unfortunate name…

    Also, I don’t really care that Burts was bought out as long as they still make quality products. So far, so good!

    • I think what bothered me about Burt’s is the fact that they say they don’t animal test, only when “required by law,” which should be never according to the FDA but it makes it sound like they do. And the synthetic scents as opposed to what they used to use – essential oils.

      Bubble and bee is so cutesy of a name but it works!

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  4. I finally broke down and ordered this stuff this afternoon! I’ve been antiperspirant-free for several weeks now but keep having my pits irritated by all of the natural deodorants I’ve tried. Hoping this one will work!

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