A shitty day

Sorry about the language, but not really. It was truly a shitty day.

When I texted my mom to tell her that, she asked why. So I told her. It took up two screens worth of bitter rage.

Here we go.

Preface: I went to Trader Joe’s around 8:45 for groceries. Audrey’s eyes have been crusty as of late, but not as bad as they were this morning when she woke up. When they were getting noticeably more swollen from the time she woke up to the time we finished grocery shopping enough was enough.

Me: So Audrey has pink eye. And she cries every time I put the eye drops in. It breaks my heart and I’ve had such a shitty day that I nearly cried just now.

Mom: Oh no 😦 What else made this day shitty?

Me: Let’s see. I brought them to the doctors. They were good enough. Appointment was at 10 (I had 10 minutes to get there from Trader Joe’s, so I rushed) wasn’t seen until 10:30. Had groceries still in the car from my trip. Got to the pharmacy, order hadn’t been filled yet. Drove home, unloaded the cold items, drove back to the pharmacy, Audrey fell asleep in the car. Got the eye drops. Got home, everyone yelled. Made lunch. Mae yelled. I put them to bed, Mae screamed and woke up Audrey. Audrey bawled. Took me 30 minutes to get her to bed again. Then had to wake her up to go to the gym. Felt like the worst mom ever. Got home, Matt’s going to be late. Let Claire and Luca walk on the treadmill. Audrey was over it. Put them in the tub and she was finally happy. Then I let her stand against the papasan chair while I changed Mae’s sheets (because of course, she peed the bed.) She fell and hit her head off her crib after I thought she’d be far away enough to avoid injury. She cried. I felt awful. Then I had to put in eye drops and wanted to cry again.

Mom: Oh.

And I just inadvertently drank sour milk. I’m over today.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Oh no! I am sorry you had such a bad day. Some days should just be over already and you can’t do anything else than just get through them the best you can and start over again the next morning… Hope today treats you waaaaaay better!!!

  2. Ugh, so glad that horrible day is behind you and you’ve had plenty of alcohol since then.

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