I see where this is going

Yesterday I went to get my keys so the kids and I (minus Claire, of course) could go to the grocery store.

Alas, I had no keys.

After asking Mae where they might have gone, she looked at me and said, “I really, really don’t know, mama,” I called Matt. Before he left for work, he had stuck my keys on the counter and made a big scene of telling me that he was setting them RIGHT THERE, ON THE COUNTER, so I figured he would know where they may have wandered off to.

Where did they wander off to, you ask? In the ignition of the Jeep, down 28 to downtown, in his briefcase to PPG Place, up the elevator and in his office.

Those pesky keys.

That is how we came to be stranded on a Monday morning.

No big deal, we had enough stuff to get by for dinner another day.

Today I waited patiently until Audrey finally woke up, got her something to eat, and then we got bundled up and packed into the car, prepared to get our grocery shopping in. We were also going to drop off the last items that came in for the families at the Health Center.

We backed out of the garage, and I noted the snow. I got nervous. But I put the car into drive and attempted to go up the driveway, only to fail.

For a few months now, my car has been flickering the “anti-skid temporarily off,” warning and we’ve had it looked at, but our mechanic really couldn’t fix it. It was a computer issue, and it would take him a few days to sort through it, get the needed parts and what-not. So we sat on it. Last week when we tried to get out of the driveway, we had to go s-l-o-w-l-y up the hill, but we got up.

Today, however, when I even slightly touched the gas, the wheels spun as if I was on a patch of ice and I had 10 year old tires. My tires are still new, yet they couldn’t even grip the ground because the car, for whatever reason, couldn’t stop spinning the wheels.

And so there we sat, at the bottom of the driveway, unable to back out, drive up, go in the grass, you name it – we tried it, and I was mad.

It’s no big deal anymore bundling up three kids and packing them in the car. That’s what I call Tuesday. It’s the fact that, yet again, I was unable to do anything and the knowledge that if right this second something happened somewhere, I’d be stuck is beyond infuriating.

As insignificant as it may sound, my teaching at the gym is my only paid job at the moment, and I have to teach tonight. So yet again, Matt has to come home early so I can do that.

The car is going to be fixed this Friday, which means I will have to suck it up until then. I get to strap three car seats across the back of my husband’s car. (No easy task, mind you.) But I have a blood donation scheduled for that day and I’ll be damned if my car ruins that.

I see how this week is going to go. Any more snow and my car will be rendered completely useless. It already gives me a hard time on pavement, let alone a sprinkle of flurries. I have physical therapy tomorrow morning at 9, and for some reason I foresee that as being an issue. I have to get the kids to takewondo to make up for missing class due to testing last Saturday. I need groceries.

Of course I know I can call my mom or mother in law to sit with the kids so I can do some of these things, yes. But it’s the principle of the thing, guys.

You just never realize how much you rely on your car until it craps the bed. My level of independence went from Destiny’s Child to Hopelessly Devoted. (Anyone? Anyone?)

So anyways, that’s my day today.


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  1. I had to go abroad today in the car for a work meeting – and the car kind of broke down on the motorway by not reacting to the throttle anymore, so I had to cancel the meeting, turn around and make my way (slowly slowly via country roads, hoping the car would last) back home or rather, to the garage of a befriended mechanic. I hear you! I had five moments this afternoon thinking “Oh, now that I have time I could go to XY/do XY” and then realized that nope, I couldn’t do any of those things because I would need my car for those exact tasks…
    I really hope your car gets fixed as soon as possible, you don’t get any more snow and you find a not-too-stressful solution for getting to all the places you need to be, like physical therapy etc.
    And I have Sandy from Grease as an earworm now – don’t know if you referred to that song, but thanks anyway… 😉

  2. We got stuck in our driveway this morning, too. (Car’s fine; driveway is a sheet of ice.) guess it’s going around. Thank goodness for a couple of guys working near our house. They pulled us out with their pickup, and they wouldn’t even accept a “tip”. I told the girls that it was their job today to pay it forward because of those guys.

    Hope the car thing is figured out soon. Cars and computers: when they work, they are great. When they don’t, it’s frustrating and often expensive.

  3. I’ve had friends use cat litter under the car tires to give them traction in the snow. Which could A) work like a charm B) attract a dozen stray cats to your driveway C) do nothing, and then you have a bunch of cat litter in your driveway. With the way your morning seems to be going, I’m not sure you want to roll those dice though!

  4. I know I’m late replying to this, but that sucks. I hope your car is in working order again!

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