A moment with Audrey

On the 26th Audrey will be ten months old and at ten months old, she will now wear the badge of my first baby that refuses to be mobile.

Luca was walking at nine months, and the other two girls were at ten months. Heck, Luca was standing unassisted in the middle of the living room at six months. But Luca? I know that’s just ridiculous.

I realize that every kid is different and every kid develops differently, but it’s so weird when my first three kids were ahead of the curve and then there’s Audrey.

She just doesn’t care.

And moreover, she gets angry when I try to get her to be more mobile. Just last week she was couch surfing, but when she fell and landed softly on a pillow, she was over it. For the rest of the day and into the next, she was over it. And she cried. She’s a generally happy baby, but goodness, not when it comes to motion.

006100% sweet with a side of angry drool.

Monday I tested out my tablet to see how long it could record a video. I needed it to be able to record at least an hour if not an hour and ten minutes without stopping. I set it up in the kitchen first, while I was feeding Audrey garbanzo beans and sweet potatoes (her favorites,) and then I set it up in the living room after she was done.

Now I don’t know about ya’ll, but my day isn’t usually spent being recorded, so naturally I forgot about the camera.

When I remembered it, it had gone for an hour and five minutes, and I watched back some of it to see how it did.

It was mostly boring, us going about our day, but at one point, Audrey was upset because she had been couch surfing and lost her balance and toppled over. I tried to set her back up, and she wanted nothing to do with it, so we sat down and I bounced her on my knees. I had Pandora playing, and the song “San Francisco” by Mowgli’s came on. I love that song. So I started to sing it to her.

When I watched this scene play out in front of me, I saw it, right there, Audrey is my baby and I love her more than words can express. I was at that very moment, so thankful that I captured it on film.

She doesn’t like to move a lot. She gets angry at the daycare ladies. She can’t stand it if I’m in the room and someone else is holding her. She knows my voice better than any of my other kids ever did at this point. When she’s mad she’ll let you know. But first and foremost, she always takes me up on an opportunity to snuggle.

She’s my baby.

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  1. Wow. I have tears in my eyes. That is the sweetest video clip. So precious. She will cherish that one day as I’m sure you probably already do. πŸ™‚ That is so so good.

  2. It made me tear up too! So sweet. Alyssa is 13 months old today and has no desire to walk. she thinks about it and when I try to get her to take a step, she falls dramatically onto her diapered butt.

  3. Oh, wow, that scene with those lyrics – just beautiful…

  4. So nice to watch. I hope the video lasts so she can watch it when she’s older. She’ll adore it as others have said too. I have a hard time imagining what my mom was like when I was little πŸ™‚

  5. So sweet. I miss having a baby.

  6. That video just made my whole day. What a beautiful and wonderful mom you are and how awesome to have caught this slice of life on video.

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