Do you know tamanu?

I’m 29 and I still have bad skin. I’ll just come out and say it. It’s not terrible, but at this point in my life, you’d think that I’d at least be able to go a few weeks without a random pimple.

Many months ago, I started experimenting with the Oil Cleansing Method. I made the mistake of using EVOO as my base. No. Bad! Olive oil is okay for every now and again use, but not every day – twice a day. It can, over time, clog the pores. I know this, because it happened to me.

So I started reading more about the OCM, and I read over and over about this magic oil called tamanu. I quickly found a good quality cold pressed (MAKE SURE IT’S COLD PRESSED!!) tamanu oil, and immediately started using it with my skin routine. (I order from )

I also bought a Clarisonic, because I am ready to fight fire with fire. Here’s what I learned from using a Clarisonic:

1. Don’t push hard. Your skin will hate you, and you can even break surface capillaries, and be forced to have rosy cheeks and splotches for weeks until it heals.
2. Take the brush head off after every use.
3. Once a day is fine. Twice a day is pushing it. Every other day is ideal. I use mine every night before bed, but I had to build up to it.
4. Clean the brush head thoroughly! The Clarisonic works by exfoliation, so if you’re washing with a dirty brush, you’re pushing that into your skin. You won’t like the results.
5. Seriously, don’t overuse it. You can really do damage. Like cystic acne and such. Just don’t. Be excited, but don’t act on it.

My favorite thing about using a Clarisonic is that my face feels like it really takes in what I put on it. Several times a week I will use the Clarisonic, then put on honey and leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it off. I’m telling you, my skin has never been this soft.

Alright, back to tamanu. It’s kind of stinky. It’s not awful, though. It’s also very thick and sticky. I can see why that would keep people from wanting to use it. It’s borderline expensive, but a little goes a long way.

So how has it helped me?

I have very uneven skin tone and random break outs. I’d like to say that it’s hormonally based, but alas, it is not. At this point in the game, my hormones should be back in balance from having Audrey. Perhaps my face hasn’t gotten the memo yet.

Tamanu oil, for me, has evened my skin and healed old scars. It has also taken the breakouts I had and brought them down. Just a few days ago I felt a pimple coming on, so I stuck some oil on it before bed and when I woke up, it was gone.

I’m not lying.

I’ve never had anything work for me like tamanu oil. I almost keep wondering if it’s a dream and I’ll wake up from it.

My face still has a way to go to heal completely, but I leave the house with only mascara on. I hardly need any mineral powder because I’m finally comfortable in my skin.

For the kids, I use it on any injury they get to their face. Claire’s nose was starting to become raw from blowing it, and at night I stick the tamanu oil on, and by morning she’s healed. Incredible. Mae’s scar from the head hitting off the corner of the chair thus needing her forehead to be glued shut incident is reduced and improving. No joke.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Part of me was worried because I wanted it to work so badly that I sort of willed it to be in my head, but I’ve really seen the change.

I’m just glad I’m figuring all this stuff out now, so that when my kids grow up and need this, I can drop a giant ball of knowledge on them. BOOM.


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  1. Thanks for the great advice. I use a Clairsonic also. At my age, I still get blemishes and blackheads and have numerous acne scars. I just bought a bottle of the Tamanu oil and can’t wait to try it out.

    • Let me know what you think! I was so super impressed. I have the most sensitive skin, so I was thankful to find something that works. Tip, keep it away from your eyes! I’ve heard it can irritate them.


      • I am on Day 4 and I really like it. I also bought some Tea Tree Oil because I read somewhere that it has some astringent properties and is good for blemishes also. I concocted an unscientifically measured combination of the organic Castor Oil you recommended, Tamaru oil and Tea Tree oil. I read Crunchy Betty’s blog posts about OCM in addition to reading your blog. I am prepared to break out at first as my skin adjusts to the new cleansing routine but so far no signs of blemishes and my face feels better than it has in a long time. I also wondered whether I would have excess oil during the day and it’s just the opposite. I don’t feel dried out either — I feel like I’m in balance. I’m sold on it.

      • I’m so glad it’s working! I ended up breaking out in the one place I never do and never put the tamanu, my temple. Random. It’s fixing it though!


  2. So tamanu is the new coconut oil? 😉

  3. …because all kids love it when Mom drops a giant ball of knowledge on them… lol…

    Yes, I know this post isn’t for me… I’ll go away now…

  4. That sounds really interesting! I, too, have very sensitive skin and until now still have some skin problems, although during the last months it was pretty good. But I’ll try that out should it get worse again some day!

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