Facepalm and a henna update

Sunday morning I took Mae to Med Express for an ear infection. While waiting for her prescription to be filled, I met Matt in the parking lot with all the other kids so I could take Audrey to Children’s Hospital for what was later diagnosed as RSV.

My day sucked.

Today, I took Audrey, Mae, and Luca to the doctor’s office so Audrey could get follow up care. After getting all kinds of attitude from the scheduling lady and Mae screaming at me and literally dragging her feet while we tried to get out the door, I was already over today. But then it got better.

Just kidding, it totally didn’t.

1. A semi truck nearly hit our car on my back road.
2. Mae was still flipping out.
3. We had to go to the doctors.
4. Luca quietly tells the doctor he has an ear infection too, which leads the doctor to look at me and say, “I thought you said it was Mae and Claire who had ear infections,” and I respond, “Yes, that’s who,” and she looks at Luca’s ear and laughs and says, “He has one, too.”
5. The roads were so awful.
6. When we were nearly home I realized that I forgot to pick up Luca’s prescription.
7. After we turned around and got the prescription, there was a police officer blocking my way home. A semi-truck was stuck in the tunnel. My only consolation was that I hoped it was the truck that nearly hit us.

Luca, being the sweetest thing, said, “Nothing’s going to stop us now!” when we drove the 10 minutes around the back way home and were turned on to our road.

BUT! On the way home we stopped at Oakmont Bakery because that was just as important as picking up Luca’s meds. Trust me.

End rant.

To give an update on the henna, it’s amazing. Today is day three in what should be where my hair color settles in as and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously! If you want red hair, this is the way to do it. I’m over the moon with the final product and I stop every time I pass the mirror because the color is so vibrant. The photos really don’t do it justice.

But here are some any how.

So here’s a recap. This is day one:


This is day two:


This is day three:




I was worried at first, because everyone talks about how soft their hair was post henna, and mine wasn’t. Today? Insanely soft. Coppery and soft.

So that makes me happy when the past 9 days have been crap kid health wise.


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  1. Wow, your looks beautiful. Sorry that your kids are all sick, I hope they’ve all got the meds they need to get better soon!

  2. Oops, meant to say “your red hair” looks beautiful. At least you have that to keep your spirits up. Sick kids and nasty weather = NOT fun!

  3. Oakmont Bakery. Ah yes, I followed your recommendation last Marc and had an awesome cake from there. I hope that the bakery stop helped deal with all of the other stuff and that everyone was zonked and took good naps today.

  4. Is it some kind of new policy that you only give us one eye at a time? Or is just a “redhead” thing?

  5. Ugh – I really really hope the kids get well soon and you get a break from the doctor’s visits and prescriptions and stuff! Luca is a little trooper, just quietly telling the doctor? Wow… And I am so glad that semi-truck didn’t hit your car, what a scary thought!
    I hope the cake from the bakery made the day a little better – and I love your hair color even more now! When I was in school, several of my friends used to dye their hair with henna, and their hair, besides being really soft, also was amazingly glossy. Seems like yours is, too!

  6. I’d LOL here, but as a fellow mother I just can’t. All I can do is tell you I love you, you’re awesome and maybe not go with braids while your hair is red. I keep thinking Pippi Longstocking or WENDY. *giggle*

  7. that henna makes an impressive red. wow.

  8. Love that last braided photo. So coppery and pretty. Glad everyone is on the mend and you all got cookies. I hope you got two.

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