I like Wednesdays. Usually for me it’s a lazy day. But yesterday was not.

Last week, during all the sick madness, Mae missed dance class. So I planned on making that up yesterday. Along with going to the gym, picking Claire up from school, and basic house chores, it hit me around noon that I had a really busy day ahead.

So the day started with getting the go ahead from my gym boss that I could add in a Body Pump class of my own, starting in March. I tried out a new smoothie recipe that included kale, which I despise, but it’s healthy and blah, blah, blah, but it was good! Well, not awful. I got my marathon bib changed to a half bib. I vacuumed the upstairs while Audrey crawl-cried after me, then folded clothes while she was on my lap. I put her to bed, then ran a few miles on the treadmill while Luca and Mae ate peanut butter crackers on my mom’s elliptical. I fed the kids lunch, put Mae to bed for her nap, sent Luca off to his room for quiet time (best time of the day!) and foam rolled my legs.

This is all so fascinating,  I know.

When the girls woke up from their naps, it was time to pick Claire up from school. On Wednesdays she has math pentahlon where they play logic games and compete against other kids their age. It’s really neat. Anyhow, we loaded in the car, drove to her school, got out of the car into the ridiculously cold wind, grabbed Claire and then hauled our butts back into the car.

Times like these, I wish it were the 80’s again. That way I could have left the kids in the car for all of the three minutes it took me to grab Claire and go. But I digress.

We headed to the gym where the kids immediately started running and playing. I brought Audrey with me to set up my bench and she crawled all over the big exercise room and checked herself out in the zillion mirrors. And ate an orange.

Exciting times.

After getting my ass kicked at Body Pump, we headed over to Mae’s dance class. Matt met us there, grabbed the other three and went home to make tacos. What a man.

So after dance class, we ate tacos and the kids went to bed. (Yay 8 o’clock!) Then I filed our taxes and put henna in my hair, almost missed Sidney Crosby’s sick goal, and got ready for bed.

But then Matt came to bed with his laptop open and started asking questions about his marathon training plan, to which I dialed my friend Jen’s number and handed him the phone.

Then came sweet, sweet sleep.

That was my Wednesday.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Splain to me “foam rolled my legs,” “sidney crosby’s sick goal”…wait is that a hockey thing? And how often must you do henna? Seems like you just did it?

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