Do good

When the registration for the Pittsburgh Marathon opened up, I immediately registered Matt and I for it, after he basically dared me to do the full again.

After the whole knee thing, I had to rethink doing the full. Plus Matt’s got a goal of finishing the full sub 4 hours, and I just can’t do that. My only paid gig right now is based off the health and ability of my body, so I really shouldn’t mess with that, right?

So I downgraded myself to the half and then had my registration get swapped over to the Animal Rescue League.

Oh, I’m such a sucker for an animal.

Earlier in the week, my mom’s boyfriend’s barn burned down. That barn held everything he loved short of my mom and it simply burned down. I’m 95% sure he’d rather the house had burned down.

Any how, there were some barn cats that had been living in there. A mama and her babies.

Yes. I’m going to go there.

We think the cats died in the fire.

Yesterday my mom went out looking for them. She had seen paw prints and blood in the snow and the food had been eaten, and she hadn’t lost hope.

Then I got this text:


That’s one bad ass kitty, right there. She was alive, but her eyes were swollen shut, she had been obviously burned and she was so cold.

Mom found a vet nearby, they looked her over, declared her surprisingly healthy, and home she went with mom.

A friend suggested that she be named Phoenix. I’ve since dubbed her Nixy.

That cat has arose from the ashes for sure.

Still no word on the other cats, but to have that one tiny soul saved…something good came out of it.

So here we are. Animals. They rule over our lives, don’t they? My mom dropped everything for that cat and I know for sure I would have done the same thing. That’s kind of the same thing the Animal Rescue League does. I’ve seen what they do for those animals in need. Especially their rehab abilities with dogs.

Yes, this is a pitch.

Claire’s running the kid’s marathon again for the ARL. She’s got a nifty donation page, located to the left of the screen. Claire gets it, that money is required for the animals, but moreover, she knows they need things.  So she asked me to, again, create an wishlist for the needy animals once more.

She said to me that she likes to see what the animals get directly.

I get that.

So. Tonight or tomorrow or later in the week, while you buy your makeup or your undershirts, or you need more batteries, do you think you could add even just one thing from her wishlist to your shopping cart?

As Claire says, “All the animals ever do is love us.”

In case you’re new around here, this kid is super giving. Just today she offered to shovel the neighbor’s sidewalk with Luca. Luca is currently trying to earn 30 dollars by doing extra chores around the house for a Flashlight Friend. It’s ingenious, really. He gets a dollar per extra chore, but if he’s bad, I deduct a dollar.

I’ll wait for my parent of the year award.

So anyhow, Luca suggested he shovel Carrie’s sidewalk and while doing that, began struggling because a four year old can only push so much snow. Claire jumped up and said, “Luca! I’ll help you!” And together they shoveled Carrie’s sidewalk and part of her driveway.


So please consider.

And if that doesn’t sell you, then look at a photo of a cute baby in a snowsuit.



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  1. Way to go Claire! So proud of you for taking care of the animals. And yay Nixy! So glad she survived. What a sweetie.

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