22 things I will do when the weather doesn’t suck

I’ve done my best not to complain. I really have. But it’s nearly the end of March and I think I have legit Seasonal Affective Disorder. I’m so desperate for a day where the sun shines AND the temps are above 50 so badly that today the kids and I took a walk through the neighborhood, with clouds, wind and a temp of 49. We are beyond having cabin fever, here.

You know how you feel when you clean your entire house, top to bottom, but turn around to find the dog took a feather pillow and ripped it up and your house is now swimming with feathers?

That’s me vs Old Man Winter. He just doesn’t know when to die.

So instead of complaining,  I’m going to make a list of the things I can’t wait to do when it’s warm. Like for real warm.

1. Wear sandles without getting snow in them.
2. Climb the tree in the front yard.
3. Remember what it feels like to be outside AND feel your fingers at the same time.
4. Go for a run. A really, really long run.
5. Maybe, just once, I won’t have to scream, “Why don’t you have socks on with your shoes?!”
6. Or, “What in the world were you thinking when you went barefoot into the snow?!”
7. OR! “Seriously? You think it’s OK to leave the front door open? It’s negative 20.”
8. I’ll let Audrey go outside. And watch her face simultaneously say “ZOMG,” and “WTF is this?” It’s grass, dear.
9. Drive without thinking Black ice. It’s everywhere.
10. Remember what the sunroof is for.
11. Play Sudoku on the deck when the kids nap/have quiet time.
12. Do a fist bump for freedom! Yes, I’ll leave my house and go somewhere aside from the gym, Target or Trader Joe’s.
13. I will NOT say, “Hurry up guys! Get in the car! Quick! I can’t feel my face!”
14. All the winter coats will quickly find their new home in the attic with the stink bugs.
15. I will learn how to grill a pizza.
16. When I first say, “It’s too hot out here!” I need to close my fingers in the car door or something.
17. I’m going to try on all my shorts and be proud that they still fit.
18. I’ll finally go to the West End Overlook. I’ve lived here 11 years and still have never gone.
19. I’ll take the kids up Mount Washington.
20. I will reinstate our North Shore walks.
21. We will have lunch with Matt at PPG Place and the fountains.
22. I will sit on the front stoop, drink a beer and revel in the fact that I made it through one of the hardest winters I have ever experienced since having kids and enjoy watching them bike around the cul de sac until it’s too dark to see anymore. And then we will look at the stars.

Guys. I hate pulling the mom of many card, but this winter sucked. It was too cold or snowy to do anything. And the last thing I wanted to do was go to the mall playground or even the Science Center because just the mere act of carrying the kids out in the cold was painful. I am not wishing time away, but if it was 60 degrees tomorrow, I sure as hell wouldn’t complain. It’s hard. So hard. Then you throw restless kids in the mix and you begin to thank god for things like DVD players, Legos and the Innotab. If I had a dollar for every time I said, “Mom is so over this. Go entertain yourselves,” I’d be rich.

Next time they threaten a winter like this one, I’m moving south. Look out, Jess. Your sister wife is moving in.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. The West End Overlook is a surprisingly pretty spot from which to view Pittsburgh. It’s also frequently overlooked (ha) as a Place to Go in Pittsburgh.

  2. The Jess and Cassie Show… yeah, that’s a Reality TV show I’d watch. Part DIY repair show, part Housewives of Shreveport, part Crocodile Hunter.

  3. Yes! Please move south for the winter at least. We had our fair share of stupid cold days this year, but only one day of snow. And it’s 76 today! Bring the kids, they can run and scream and play their little hearts out.

  4. Hah, and here I sat all winter long wishing for snow and cooler temps! I love a snowy winter, and the cold is good for killing some of the slugs and such in the garden… I even love it if winter carries on into March, because then I don’t have to suffer that early from all my allergies. Maybe we should have switched houses! We have had spring-like temperatures for the last four weeks at least, and our magnolia is about to burst into full bloom…
    Sending some sunshine and warmth your way!

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