Busy is the word

So I woke up today and thought holy crap it’s the middle of April. This winter was a serious killer of time. I happily wished away day after day of sub zero temps and six inches of snow. No regrets.

Now here I sit in the quiet of my house while the two little ones nap and Claire and Luca dig in the dirt. It’s nearly 70 and the sun is shining and perhaps for the first time in a while I have a minute to myself to think.

Why have we been so busy? Let’s see. Take last week for example. On top of the classes I teach at the gym, Claire started her running club, I subbed two classes at the gym, Mae and Luca had soccer, Mae had dance, they all had taekwondo, and on top of THAT, they had to do an extra class if they wanted to be able to test today. So back to ATA we went. Today I subbed Body Pump at another gym, got home, quick changed and brought the kids to testing.


Claire is on her way towards transitioning into the youth classes, which will probably take place sometime after the new school year begins. This translates to more carting kids back and forth.

Luca got his orange headband and he was so confident today, I almost couldn’t believe that was my kid.

We celebrated with Oakmont Bakery because that’s the Pittsburgh way.

Matt’s training for the marathon that’s in a few weeks, I’m training for the half, which let me just say is hard to do when you’re already averaging 5 classes a week and have a husband training.

We have the spinathon for the ARL tomorrow. Claire’s big day, and she’s so excited. She’s spent the last week drawing elaborate thank yous. In fact, my dad sent a package of donations and her thank you consisted of a (now) three legged dog because a zombie ate one of the legs off and it is now a zombie-dog.


She’s still got time to fundraise, if you’re in the giving mood. The link is on the left. If you donate, maybe you, too, will get a zombie dog.

Audrey discovered she likes bubbles.

I partially dislocated my shoulder last weekend. That was fun. Monday I went to my chiropractor praying he’d be able to work magic. Guys. This is why you should never underestimate the importance of a chiropractor. He did some stretching thing, and pushing thing, and it hurt a lot, and then he adjusted it, taped it, and BOOM. Better. I was able to teach two Body Pump classes Wednesday pain free.

Let’s see. What else. My mom’s boyfriend came by to measure to install new French doors for the deck and basement. Hopefully sometime this century we will finish it. But for now, Jim will install the pretty doors and that will be a start.

Oh! I got my hair cut for the first time in nearly two years. haircut

I still henna it, and I’m absolutely in love with the color. I think I make a much better red head.

And now I’m off to go make some PB Chocolate chip bites for the Spinathon tomorrow. Think of me tomorrow around 4 o’clock when I’m laying on the couch, exhausted, and dreaming of the moment the pizza guy shows up with my dinner.

Who wants to be the kids will get to watch Frozen for the zillionth time?



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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Whee, that sounds like non-stop toing and froing, and also quite painful what with your shoulder and such … I love the haircut, and oh my, could Audreys giggles be any more contagious? Made me giggle, too…
    Hope everything goes well tomorrow and the pizza guy shows up on time!

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