The time of Claire

This past week it almost seems as I’ve completely forgotten I have three other kids, but yes, lately the spotlight has been on Claire. I like to think I’ve done a good job of keeping her level headed, but you can never tell when day after day the spotlight has been on her.

Last night Matt asked if her head was getting too big. She made a video of herself on the car ride home from being on the news, because I told her to document the moment and how she was feeling. She started it out by saying, “I raised all this money for the animals and it was soooooooo cool!”

After he saw the video, he said, “Shouldn’t she had said ‘we’?” and I defended her saying she was just excited.

But then I started to think.

Today I briefly mentioned it to Jess and the fear that people will think I’m pushing her to do these things and that it’s not a genuine want on her end. Along with that, I mentioned how I feel almost hypocritical for not teaching my kids enough of what the true meaning of what Easter is, but allowing them to believe in the Easter bunny. (Random, I know, but it all connects, I promise.)

There are reasons why I have Jess in my life. What she said to me today is reason number one why I love her so:

I get that. But, do you ever have to push Claire to do it? Do you ever force her? No, it’s something she wants to do. I think everyone who knows you and knows her knows that. And that is how we teach our kids morals and values.

Don’t beat yourself up. You are an awesome mom. And you’re not hypocritical. If you want to do something about Easter without being over religious, what about this? Tell them that Easter is about sacrifice to make things better for other people. I think that’s exactly what Claire is doing.

So that would mean that you are not in the least bit hypocritical. If anything, I think you’re more authentic than a lot of people who go to church every Sunday.

Hugs to Claire for me.

So instead of sitting here wondering if my kid is turning into an egomaniac, I just asked her.

Me: Do fundraise alone?
Claire: No.
Me: Who helps you?
Claire: My friends, my school, your friends….you.

She’s fine. She knows what the deal is. I tell her all the time that she’s a conduit for change. That she has to be the change, but it doesn’t stop with her.

So Sunday was the spinathon. When all was said and done, she raised 1233, but one of the guys who did ALL SEVEN HOURS of the spinathon is an ARL runner, therefore 200 of the funds raised is rightfully his for his donation page. When all that money gets factored in, she’s 15o dollars to the cent short of 2k. But KDKA basically said she’s on par to raise near what she did last year (4k!) Yah, no. But I feel bad that it’s not what’s actually happening.

Oh well. I’m still ridiculously proud, and I used to work for the newspaper. We tend to exaggerate all the time.

Monday she was on KDKA and WPXI. There’s still no link to it on the website that I’ve seen, but I did get to see it, and I was super proud.

Today she was in the Tribune (above) and I didn’t know that until the yoga instructor came up to me and said he saw Claire in the paper. “Section B, front page, big and in color!”\

Matt stopped and got three copies, one of which was left with her instructors at ATA. Claire was there late tonight because she had demo team try outs. What’s demo team? Basically it’s the best of the best (for each rank) demonstrating through a choreographed production. So imagine what Jackie Chan does in movies. All those stunts and stuff that’s choreographed? That’s a demo team, except they’re super good and well paid. This is a bunch of kids who give it their all and a whole lot of heart.

Claire thought trying out meant she could show up and break a few boards and look cute. I had to explain to her that, no, this is a big deal and she needs to show some effort. I told her that doing the first few moves of her form would be the best way to show her instructors that she has the capacity to learn and retain choreography. She didn’t think that was a great idea. I let it go. But today she came up to me and said, “I’m ready to learn,” and we took an hour running through it, over and over. AND with a smile.

Plus I now know her form, too. Give me a belt!

I had to teach at the gym, but Matt brought her and sent me video updates. When I saw her do her form, she didn’t make one mistake and she looked so confident. I was so proud.

She’ll find out next week if she made it.

Next week, I’m excited that it’ll be back to normal around here and all my kids get my equal attention. But in the past few days of fundraising and demo team practicing and media frenzies, I learned so much about one of my kids.

There are days when the kids are all in bed and I’m left to my own thoughts, and I think I don’t know them at all. Then days like the past few days happen and I’m so very thankful that I had the opportunity to know one of them just a little bit better.


I think it’s Luca’s turn.

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  1. This too… Sod what anyone else thinks. Do what you think is best for your family… What anyone else thinks is irrelevant.

    No one can look at the kids you and Matt have produced and dare to say you should have done something differently.

  2. Leave it to you to a mom to feel guilty for raising 4 of the most wonderful, amazing, compassionate, good-natured kids!! You are possibly teaching your kids more about the true meaning of Christian values than families who focus completely on the religious part of Easter, you have the right to celebrate however you want to! 🙂 PS- Great job team Claire!!!

  3. Just now seeing this! I’m so proud of you and your family. You guys do hard and amazing work and make it look easy.

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