Don’t eat the vaseline

Let’s talk about Marathon weekend, shall we?

Friday, after Claire got off the bus, the kids and I met Matt downtown so we could go to the expo. Matt was irritated that I wanted to bring all the kids, when he could have just quickly gone in and out. WHERE IS THE FUN IN THAT, I ask. Insult to injury, I forgot the stroller, so Matt, because he’s stubborn, insisted on carrying Audrey the entire time, never once passing her off.

I ignored him.

Instead, the kids and I danced at the pacing booth, looked at all the shirts, told the guy handing out the pain gel that I’d be back because expos can drive people to drink, looked for the ice cream samples (they weren’t there. Sad face,) wrote on the board about what I run for and bought a shirt.

photo 1 (16)

Mae wasn’t happy with my reasoning apparently.

Saturday morning, Claire and Luca got dressed for their marathon. This is what Claire’s been doing all the fundraising for. It was epic.

Luca decided he wanted to wear his Flash shirt that the Easter bunny brought him.

Claire, of course, was Wonder Woman.

photo 2 (14)

Claire sprinted that whole mile. When she finished, she was red faced and tired, but so proud.

Luca, who I was convinced would want to walk at some point, ran. The whole way. According to Matt, he jumped over cracks, curbs and manhole covers. He smiled the whole way, too.

photo 1 (17)

So proud.

Side note: When Matt was reading the Marathon Magazine that they put in every single bag (30,000!) we saw this:

photo 2 (15)

That’s Claire.

Sunday morning came early. Matt was up at 3:30 eating breakfast and counting his carbs for optimal performance.  He crawled back into bed around 4:30 and I’m 90% certain he stared at me until the alarm went off at 4:45.

Matt was nervous. You could feel it. We argued over parking. We argued over standing in line for a porta potty. Then when we got to our corral, he stopped. He seemed at peace.

photo 3 (8)

I was running with my BFF Jen. Because she’s awesome. We were both basically untrained at that point, though she was in far better running shape than me. (I put maaaaaaybe 30 miles in for this race..oops.)

We took a selfie every single mile.

That’s right. 13 selfies.

photo 5 (6)

I’ll spare you all 13 of them, but you get the jist. We didn’t stop running as we took them, clearly, but they’re awesome to us.

My left shoe had a case of the squeaks and that was our entertainment for the duration. The crowd support was kind of crappy. There were tons of people, but they kind of stood there, looking for that ONE person they knew to pass them by. I remember yelling at them, “I’m here now, so cheer for me!”

Sore and tired, we finished around 2:04. Not our best, not our worst. Pittsburgh is a tough course.

photo 1 (18)

Finish line photo!

photo 4 (8)So after the half was done, I had over an hour or so to kill before Matt would be done, so I got a massage.

Best decision ever. And free!

I got text updates about Matt, and I figured based on the pace he was at by the 20 mile mark, he would finish close to 11. Jen and I pushed our way to the front of the barricade to cheer for him. And about 5 minutes later, there he was, running down the street with two leis around his neck.

photo 2 (16)

He finished in 3:54. I’ve never been more proud of him.

photo 3 (9)My friend Ron ran the marathon for the second time in full firefighter turnout gear. That stuff’s heavy, guys. Sooooo heavy. And he wore his Penguins helmet. Equally heavy.

photo 4 (9)


Here he is before the race. He finished in about 7 hours. He will be featured TONIGHT on KDKA (channel 2) around 5 or 6. I’m so proud of him, too!

It was a tiring day. Even after Matt took a nap, he only lasted until about 8:30.

photo 5 (7)

Monday, I of course, taught my spin class. It didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would.

And today I got a massage.

The end.




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  1. Gee, and to think I feel like a conquering hero for doing the 4 mile March of Dimes walk on Saturday. (In an hour.)

    Congrats to you, and all the family participants! The family that runs together, funs together!

  2. Wait, who was trying to eat vasaline?

    And I’m so proud of your whole family! Way to go! (And Jen too!)

  3. Whoa, what a weekend! I am having fantasies about your whole family running the whole marathon in six years … okay, maybe ten. But then, you are so awesome already, no need to go all superwomen and -men even more! Congrats to all of you, I hope the last week was way more relaxing than your Sunday sounds to me … 😉

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