love is love

Today at 2:28 pm, I got a text from the Delta Foundation telling me that love won in Pennsylvania. And then I cried.

I grew up always knowing that men can love men and women can love women, and it was never discussed as a separate thing. I’ve known gay men and women my whole life. To me, it was as normal as the sky being blue.

But that’s not why I’m so passionate about gay marriage.

See, everyone has something that makes them immediately rant and rave. For some, it’s politics, or global warming, or fracking. Some, legalization of marijuana and some, abortion. So while I can talk about any of those points and have an opinion about this or that, when it comes to gay marriage I stand my ground and I am loud. I’m 95% positive that anyone who has ever met me knows immediately my stance on this. Love is love. There’s no them vs us. It’s love.

There is absolutely nothing about gay marriage being legal that makes me sad. Seeing my Facebook feed blow up with love and virtual high fives made me so happy.

When I had a discussion with a friend who was on the fence about it, I said, “How would it feel if someone said to you that you couldn’t marry your husband simply because he’s Italian and you’re not? You can’t help that you weren’t born in Italy any more than someone can help what gender they love.”

Today, in Pennsylvania, it’s a big day for many. So many of my friends could breathe a sigh of relief that their day has finally come – the day they can, by law, stand and say “I do.”

One of my friends filed for her marriage license today. Another, finally gets to marry the woman she’s loved for so many years, and has two children with. You’d be hard pressed to find any two people more kind than them – and today is their day. Another, after being engaged for two years, gets to plan the wedding of her dreams; to stand up in front of her parents who have supported her since birth, and show the world that she has equal rights, too.

Many of my friends, while not ready to marry, have said to me, “I’m just glad the option is there.”

Look, if you’re not into gay marriage, don’t marry a gay person. If it’s so offensive to you, do something productive with your time, that doesn’t involve being near gay weddings or gay people or straight people who happen to support gay people. Do something else, anything. Just don’t spit your hate and cruel words. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

For me, I look forward to all the photos and flash dance proposals and weddings.

(FYI, I look great in a dress and love weddings. Just throwing that out there.)

From one married person, to soon to be married people, welcome to the club. Gay, straight, at the end of the day, it’s still awesome.



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  1. Yay! Such great news! Congratulations to every single person who fought for that, and congratulations to all the people who now have the right to marry the person they love!
    I am actually not at all into marriage and don’t consider it for myself even though I am in a longterm relationship, but I still want everybody, every last person to have the same rights (and in this case to decide if she or he wants to marry), and that is one more step into this direction. Love it!

  2. That was the best news of the day. It’s just sad that a court had to overturn a bad law, that was voted for by so many people. My hope is that many have had a change of heart over time. The more states that permit same sex marriage, the more people should see that it’s really not the End of Days. Life goes on, only more people find happiness.

  3. Hooray! You should also advertise that you do drawings of dogs and children for wedding gifts. 🙂

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