Tour de Gyms

Taxes are going to suck to do next year. I have filled out more W-2’s in the past five months than I’ve done in my entire life leading up to this.

A few months ago I sent out my resume to tons of local gyms asking that if they needed a sub for body pump, to contact me. I didn’t expect much from it, but putting my feelers out there gave me a sense of accomplishment.

When I got response after response, I was sort of nervous. How was I going to do this?

Alexander’s is my gym. It will always be my gym, as long as it’ll have me. But the few classes a week I was teaching just wasn’t enough for me. I love to teach, and if I could I would all day, every day. Obviously that isn’t feasible with having all the children and such, but a few extra every now and again would be nice.

I started with a gym in Lower Burrell, about a 15 minute drive from my house. I’m there at least twice a month. There’s another in Sarver that I’m at in clusters, when their regular instructor goes on vacation or has conflicts. There’s the one Matt lovingly calls the “Super Gym” that is a full service gym, which has a spa, indoor/outdoor pool, tennis courts, soccer fields, and every kind of yoga you can imagine. Lastly, there’s a YMCA a few towns over that I was asked to summer coach at for kids.

Most of the times, it always works out that I’m not over booked, but this Saturday for example, I was asked to sub at three different gyms. I can’t do any of it, because I already have plans with my sister. But what are the odds?

I was most upset that I couldn’t do the full time summer coaching at the Y. It was a conflict with daycare. The program runs from 12-2, and daycare only stays open until 1. But today I was able to be a coach the first hour, and it was a blast. I got to heckle some kids, cheer them on, and run around in circles at the gym. It put me in such a great mood.

Today is an exceptionally busy day. I taught my regular pump class at AAC, then headed to the Y. We got home at 1, and at 6:30 I teach spin at the “super gym”.

I’m about to eat a whole bag of kettle cooked chips. (Don’t worry, they’re the TJ’s Reduced Guilt kind. So only sort of bad.)

I have been teaching at the “super gym” as a sub for two months now, and I average two to three classes a week there. It’s fun being a sub, but it’s hard sometimes, because it’s not my class, it’s someone else’s and I’m just a fill in. But now the members are getting used to me, and some even say they look forward to seeing me, so it’s something I really look forward to.

Next week, we leave for vacation, so I sent out an email to the instructors at the “super gym” letting them know I won’t be available and three of them wrote back saying, “That’s too bad, I needed you for xyz day!”

It’s nice to be needed. It’s also kind of nice to be able to say no because I’ll be sitting on a beach all day.

The kids have been super good about it. The older ones love the different gyms. I have to say I love the Y daycare the best. They sat on the floor with the younger girls and played puzzles and actually engaged them. That’s helpful when I left them there nearly two hours.

Basically, I’m a mom, yes, but I’m also doing something I love. The kids need to see mama work. My job isn’t solely to be their slave. They need to see how life works and how hard I work to keep sane, happy, and healthy. If they don’t like to work out, that’s cool. I won’t shame them. But in the meantime, it’s good for them to see that it makes me so very, very happy. They’re along for the ride.

I’m having a great time, and so I try not to think about it too much. I just put it in my calendar and show up where I need to be, when I need to be there.

And I smile all the way.


Here are a few photos from Mae’s recital and rehearsal:

In full makeup, doing selfies:




Full make up and full costume. She wouldn’t let me get a normal shot of her because she was too busy taking it all in. It was really fun watching her watch the other performers. You can tell this is something she loves to do.




The whole crew awaiting their turn on stage. I die from the cute.



Last, this is her rehearsal version of her dance. She did a MUCH better job at the big day, but I will say she did a fantastic job this day! She’s directly to the left of Miss Kathy.



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  1. You are one busy woman! I am so happy for you that you found something you really really love to do and have fun doing it, and I also think it is great that your kids get to see that! And it’s great that you get so many requests for teaching, showing you that people like your work and look forward to work out with you, too!
    And oh my, the cuteness of Mae and the rest of the crew! Unfortunately I can’t watch the video (I’m told that it contains music from UMG and therefore not visible in Germany?!), but I am sure it’s fabulous and I would “awww” all the way through…
    Have fun at the beach next week!!!

  2. Super gym sounds awesome! I wish more of the gyms around here offered Les Mills classes. The ones that do fill instantly. So awesome that you’re making the circuit and they all also have day care!

    Mae is the cutest and Sarah is super jealous of her tutu. Way to go Mae Mae!

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