Resume Building

In a very short time, I’ve seemed to have gone from a mostly stay at home mom who does stuff sometimes, to … well, I don’t even know where to begin.

After the gym had confirmed they were selling, I freaked out and emailed my resume everywhere. I got a lot of bites and to this day, I teach five classes a week at three gyms and sub often, with a total of five gyms served.

Four months ago I signed up to be a runner for the IRun4 community. Basically it’s a group of people who are in one of two camps. Those who can run, and those who cannot. The wait was long, because just today I got my match, a little five year old named Armand who suffers from GM1 Gangliocidosis (Type II), a rare genetic disorder with no confirmed treatment or cure. The wait was worth it. He is an amazing little fighter and has a super supportive dad. He keeps a blog where from time to time he will post thoughts or updates about Armand, and the first post I read was this:

“I’ve never had faith in myself to be a good dad, but then again I haven’t had much faith in myself to do much of anything. But I have an amazing son, an amazing fighter who deals with more than I could ever hope to handle. He’s my rock and my inspiration. And even the slightest hint of a smile from him makes my day. And if the sum of my experiences are what brought him here to me, to this place where we are, then I have no regrets.

I’m proud to be his dad.”

I, myself, am proud to be his runner. Upon learning of my match, I immediately wrote the race director for the Donut Dash and asked if I could have a shirt for him in lieu of me getting one. He wrote back saying that he will personally set aside a small, if not an extra small, shirt for Armand. What a great race director.

If you’re interested in running for someone, here’s the website.

I’ve been doing a lot of events with the ARL lately, and that has been so fun. I was asked to be one of the social media people for the Paws Over Pittsburgh (the ARL Marathon Team) so I get to post updates and fundraising opportunities to the Facebook page. It’s really the little things. Go give ’em a like!

Now, I started lifting with my boss at the Y, who does strong man competitions. Because, you know, free time. It’s been pretty awesome to say the least. I have been lifting more than I ever thought possible and am quickly noticing a change. Sometimes, it’s nice to do something just for me.

During the summer, I coached some pretty awesome kids at the Y. Of the many, there were a few I really took a shine to. I’ve kept in contact with them via Instagram. One of them, last week, posted a Direct Message to me asking if I could be her mentor for running. I was floored. I mean, I’m nearly 30, so I’m on the cusp of being uncool to anyone under the age of 17, but this teenager wants me to help her. We settled on her doing the Pittsburgh Marathon’s 5k, and we will begin our formal training in January. Until then, I’m going to be sending her articles so she can educate herself on the sport of running. She’s done a year of cross country, but still couldn’t tell me her average mile pace for any of her meets. I figured, let’s educate first, run second. Her mom is completely on board, and I couldn’t be happier.

So when January rolls around, I’ll meet with her once a week to train, and in between that time, she’ll have a training plan that I’m going to personally set up for her, loosely based off of Hal Higdon.

I’m not going to lie, guys. 2014 has been a really awesome year so far. Really awesome. And it just keeps getting better.


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  1. Of course she wants you for a mentor. “Awesome” knows no age barriers.

  2. I haven’t been around for quite a while (such a crazy time …), but I am excited that tonight I have the time to read through all your blog posts that I missed since the beginning of October!
    Can’t wait to read how all those races turned out …

    Armand sounds like such a beautiful soul, and his dad, too…

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