Easier said than done

Twice today someone has said to me, “I SAW YOU ON TV LAST NIGHT!”

The donut dash has happened. And let me state for the record, it is not nearly as easy as it would seem.

First, it was cold. Then again, anything below 60 degrees in spandex would seem cold. But the wind was brutal and the sun was no where to be seen. And yet, there I stood in a parking lot with a dog who looked at me like, “Lady, you ain’t taking my fur coat.”

Can I just say I hate maple donuts?

And strawberry?

And most of all coconut?

Well, wouldn’t that just be the case that the plate I grabbed had each one of those flavors?


So anyhow, Champ the dog and I ran the first mile. We did well, too, because we came in under 7 minutes. But then I had to eat the donuts. And remember how I said it was cold? Well, my jaw was straight up frozen. I got to the eating area and took my first bite and nothing. I couldn’t chew, I couldn’t move my tongue, nothing. Ginny (one of the volunteers and a dear friend) looked at me and said, “Want me to get you some water?

I obviously looked pained. Then I turned around to find Mary (the community outreach coordinator for the ARL and another dear friend) with her iPhone filming my suffering. So I started to laugh.

When I turned around again, there was a camera guy from KDKA who wanted a statement. Because, who doesn’t want to be filmed while stuffing their faces full of donuts?

It took me ten minutes to eat those donuts, but damnit. I ate them all.

Even the coconut one.


It wasn’t pleasant, but I’m no quitter.

Then Champ, who let me say was a real champ about this thing, ran our last mile in 7 minutes flat. We finished at 24 minutes, and best of all, I didn’t throw up.

My friend Ron Brown came out and did the donut dash with me, in full firefighter gear. He’s the same guy who did the Marathon twice and just earlier that morning did the Lemieux 6.6k race in gear. He’s kind of a big deal.

donutdash2It was great exposure for the ARL. There were three dogs on the course cheering on the racers, and then of course, there was Champ who was a real trooper putting up with my nonsense of running and eating.

He got all the free pets.

dogjog4When all was said and done, the Donut Dash raised just over 100k for Live Like Lou foundation and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

Even though I mainly focus on raising funds for the animals, it’s mostly because I have to force myself to focus on just ONE charity. If I could I’d give to every single one, and wouldn’t think twice. But I’m only human with a normal bank account, so being just a small part of something so huge was so awesome.

donutdash5Until next time!


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. cassie you are the best!! I adore you!!!

  2. I totally would have helped you with the maple and coconut donuts. #Friendship

  3. Maple?! Ugh, gag, choke. Way to stay strong, my friend.

  4. Oh wow, that sounds … umm … interesting? I am going to sound so naive probably, but is that a common thing in the US, races with eating Donuts in between, or ist that a very unique event?
    And: How much does a firefighter gear weigh? I imagine it to be quite heavy?!
    Anyway, I think being a part of something like this is very very awesome, and you are doing way more than a lot of the people on earth regarding charity and helping other people.
    (And: How amazing does your hair look?! The colour in the second to last picture is soooo gorgeous!!!)

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