It just takes time

A while ago after teaching BodyPump, a brand new member came up to me asking about quick ways to lose weight. If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me about that, I’d be a very rich woman.

I often have to put myself in the perspective of the person asking. There stood a woman, recently sent her youngest child off to college, started a new job, is a cancer survivor, and was looking for a fresh start. And she stood there, looking at me, a fitness instructor of 3 plus years, a runner, a lifter, a spinner.

I smiled at her and told her that there’s really no fast way to lose weight, rather consistency and variety of your workouts, good food and lots of patience. We talked for about a half an hour, worked out a basic plan, and she seemed excited to begin.

I still see her around at the gym and she’s working so hard. I told her, she has the attitude to be where she wants to be, that’s half the battle.

Often times, I need to remind myself that I’ve been there. I did, after all, have four kids, and any woman who has had a child will tell you, losing the baby weight is the absolute worst. I mean, my back would jiggle while brushing my teeth. Talk about kicking a girl while she’s down.

Today, while looking at my Time Hop app, a photo popped up that was a side profile of my body, with the caption: Every few months I take a photo of myself to see my progress. Some days I feel like there’s been none or that I’ll never have the body I want. But today, when I took this photo, I had to give myself some credit. Am I supermodel thin? Heck no! But that body has carried four babies. One just under a year ago. If I keep going in the direction I’m going, I may not have the body I’ve envisioned, BUT, I’m farther today than I was yesterday. So I’m going to keep with it.

Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder that change, no matter what it is, takes time. A year ago (left), I was at a certain point and today (right) I’m farther from that.


There’s a note on the wall of one of the clubs I teach at in the hallway as you walk towards the main gym. It says, “In three months, you’ll thank yourself,” and it’s so very true. Two years ago, I was very pregnant with my fourth baby, overwhelmed with the thought of how I had to, yet again, lose the baby weight. Today, I’m here, and I’m proud that I was patient enough to make it. (Which is saying a lot, since I’m so NOT patient with much.)

You have to figure out what you want, and how you want to get it. For me, I spend my time with some amazing people who make my job easier. And they subsequently make working out so much easier.


These people show up, week after week, and have for years. They’ve been with me through a lot, and I honestly couldn’t do it without them. If words could truly express how much I love, respect and admire them…well, I just hope they know. Because I do yell at them a lot.

“But you get paid to work out! So of course you’re in shape!” Ugh. I work hard, if not harder than the people in class. I have to. I strive to be a role model for every member, and that means giving it my all, every time. Even if it may not show in my face, I’m dying up there. When it stops being hard, I know I’m not working to my potential, and I need to figure it out. Yes, it is a giant perk that I get paid to workout, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

When I got my first tattoo, the artist said to me, “You are at a rare point in your life, where your body is a blank canvas. Shape it how you want.”

FullSizeRender (2)

Six tattoos, several piercings, a few scars, a lot of lifting, running, biking and a lot of time later, and my body is a canvas I’m very proud of. It’s not blank so much anymore, but I still have spaces for change and color. I wouldn’t go back to being 18 for anything. At 30, I’m right where I want to be, in more ways than just my body shape. (I said it! I said I’m 30!)

I was told as a young child to always love yourself, so you can be proud of who you are. I told that to the member at the gym, and today after Pump, she turned and said to me, “I remember what you told me. And I love myself now more than ever. I believe in myself.”

Sometimes it just takes time.


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