Team Baby Turns Two

Hey Soupie.


So here we are. Another year older.


Did you know that you remind me of your brother, because you love your blanket and your thumb?


But you also remind me of your sister because you love to dress up and sing Let It Go.


And you also like superheroes and magic and imagination, like your other sister?
10881710_10152683431838791_2319086170355807763_nI remember thinking, three kids is good. I like three kids. I can handle three kids.


But then, here you are, my fourth, my baby, and we’re doing alright.


Your big sister, Mae, never acted like the baby. But you? You have it down to a science. You know the fine art of, “Up, peese, mama!” and “I sit, mama!” and “Cheese stick, peese, mama!”

Have I mentioned you love your mama?


There’s always that time that comes, where babies can’t get enough of their dads, and they’re over their moms, but you, dear one, have not had that happen yet.


You spent the entire time at the beach with me. Sitting on me, laying on me, splashing in the surf with me.

Did you want your Grandma? Nope. Did you want your dad? Nope. Did you want your Papa? Heck no.



I guess that’s okay. At the time it was really annoying, I’m not going to lie, but looking back, you are my last baby, and you were my surprise baby, and even more than all that, you were my miracle baby. So I’m okay with holding you a little extra, because, honestly, I almost never got to hold you at all.10367572_10152301025658791_5989418407606963898_n

So you take that knowledge and run with it, making dinner with me, brushing my teeth with me, planking with me.


And even putting on your own makeup.


Let me tell you a quick story. Your brother, Luca, is very quiet. He’s the sweetest boy ever, but it’s hard to know that when he’s so shy. The day you were born, and he came to see you at the hospital…I can’t even describe it. Audrey, he looked at you, begged to hold you, and that was it.

You guys have been inseparable since.


I would often worry that you’d be left out, what with being the youngest. So far, it hasn’t happened. 10432111_10152332362288791_2031503442917478432_n

You’re kind of everyone’s favorite.10478527_10152616704438791_2473720437621752978_n

You like to copy your sister.10624957_10152421330528791_2252123437331451944_n

You’ve already started to give me looks.10641276_10152451460713791_898035875302779323_n

You love your dog.10665696_10152492572798791_9157231106050389341_n

When you’re not teething, you’re generally such a joy to be around.

You are already super independent.10950696_10152770109468791_5651299440669556488_n

And we all love you.


Very much.10671353_10152593504643791_7307428003359000693_n

To my sweet baby on your second birthday: I love you. You have grown faster than any of your siblings, and I really wish you’d stop. I could sit here and write out all the ways you make me happy, but to sum it up to, I look at your smile, and there it is. That’s how you make me happy. By being alive. By being here. By being the miracle I never knew I needed.

In your two short years, you’ve brought me so much joy, so much happiness. They say you never miss something if you never had it, but, Audrey, if you never were, I would miss you so much. I don’t really know what else to say.

Always be patient. Always be kind. Always love your mama.




About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

Posted on February 26, 2015, in Cassie. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Stop making me cry! Seriously, love your miracle baby. She is so wonderful. Happy Birthday Audrey!

  2. Stop it… you’re making my face hurt from the smiling…

  3. Adorable Audrey! Happy Birthday to a terrific TWO. Best Blessings on you and your beautiful family. The new FAB FOUR.

  4. Oh … Happy belated birthday, Audrey!
    Cassie, how can it be two years already? I love reading about her, love the beautiful pictures of your beautiful children (and the b/w one of the beach is still one of my favourites!), and Audrey with the dog, the small bycicle and the street in the background seems almost like the essence of childhood in summer …
    Yay for miracles! Team Baby!

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