Senior animals are worth fighting for

Oh, I’ve been keeping a big huge secret for quite some time now. Mostly, because it wasn’t my secret to tell. But now that it’s officially a thing, with all the papers filed, and t’s crossed and Facebook has been notified, I can now share here.

My friends started an animal rescue.

Not just any animal rescue, mind you, but one specifically for senior animals.

Those of you who know me, know how much I love my Sadie-dog and Beau. While, we didn’t adopt Sadie as a senior, we did with Beau, and it was the best decision we made in 2014. At ten, we opened our home to him, and with a little work, patience and persistence, he’s the perfect family dog.

So let me tell you about it. It’s called SPAAR, or Senior Pet and Animal Rescue. Our tag line is, senior animals are worth fighting for. Because they really are.

There’s an odd stigma that comes with adopting a senior animal. When we adopted Beau we got mostly positive remarks, but there were a few people with comments such as, “Won’t you worry about expenses?” “That will be hard to get attached to him, then have him die so soon.” “Aren’t you worried about him not being able to learn how to fit into your family?”

Legitimate concerns, for sure. I get that. But, I say this: Beau didn’t choose to be 10 and surrendered to a shelter. He didn’t ask to be looking for a place to retire. He certainly didn’t do anything wrong to bring him there. There are a million reasons why animals are surrendered to shelters every day. Senior animals shouldn’t have to spend a single day in that situation.

So SPAAR’s job is to help senior animals, by taking them out of the shelter life, and put into a foster home. We will still promote them as a shelter would, using Pet Finder and the like, but they will be in the comfort of someone’s home, getting all kinds of attention until their forever home becomes a reality.

SPAAR will also offer assistance, in time, to help senior animals stay in a family’s home. Jen, the cofounder of SPAAR decided that had to be a thing when SPAAR was created, because she was in that very situation. Her dog, Ferdinand, who is a very sweet, kind pitbull, found himself pretty sick, with¬†thousands of dollars in medical fees to boot. She realized that sometimes people need help, and it’s okay to get it. Friends and family helped pull money together and now Ferd is happy and healthy.

Because of this, she started Ferdinand’s Fund.The mission of Ferdinand’s Fund is to provide the resources owners of senior pets need to keep them in their homes. Medical bills, vet visits, food, and medication are only a few of the items that this fund covers.

So what’s all this mean? It means big things are happening. I get to be a part of it, too, as Manager of Social Media. I, of course, still have loyalties to the Animal Rescue League, and that will never change. They still have my heart and all those amazing dogs I get to run with. I can’t really run with the senior dogs in foster care, now can I?

What do I need from you? Support. Even if it’s just a “Oh my gosh, this is so awesome!” or “Yay! Senior pets rule!” I’ll also take checks, too. Because we really do need donations, as this is a 100% donor funded rescue.

Want to help? We need supplies and have set up an wishlist for it. We need volunteers. We need fosters.

Sadie has always been my girl. Since before marriage, and mortgages, and babies, there was Sadie. She’s my world. But, Beau has given us so much happiness, too. I couldn’t imagine him not being in our lives, even if it may only be for a short time. Plus, he sleeps all the time, anyhow, so he’s kind of the perfect dog.

And not to forget, but we also have our senior cat, Lila Monster who will be 10 this year. She’s the happiest cat who likes to flop on anyone willing to pet her.

So yay! That’s my good news. SPAAR! Because senior animals are worth fighting for!

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  1. Old dogs may not learn new tricks but old people do. Thanks for the lesson.

  2. That IS awesome, and you all are amazing for making it a reality – giving time, energy, and a lot of love to make the life of so many senior pet animals better!

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