What the water took away

A few weeks ago, the water supply hose to the toilet disconnected while Matt and I were both away. When Matt got home before me, he called and simply said, “We’ve got a mess here.”

I instantly worried thinking Beau had an accident, since a severe thunderstorm had just rolled through and his thundershirt wasn’t here yet. 


When I got home, I found poor Beau covered in water and the house was raining. 

We’ve been working with an amazing restoration company that came out within two hours of us calling, to begin the drying process, but what we learned in the coming days, unfortunately, was that it was too late. 

A little water can cause a lot of damage. For us, it started in the master bathroom on the second floor and found every single route to the ground. Along the way it went through our heat vents, between walls and through my kitchen cabinets. My brand new basement is now ruined, my kitchen cabinets have been ripped apart to the bulkhead, and there are countless holes cut into the drywall throughout my house. 

I can’t even go into the basement anymore, save for the mud room, because it’s just too sad. 

Our insurance guy was amazing. Friendly, kind, reassuring. He took an evaluation of everything given to him from both the restoration company and his own personal walk through and sent us his estimate of costs to bring the house back to normal. 

In the car on the way to the airport to visit Jessica, Matt handed me a thick bunch of papers and on the front page was a cover letter from our insurance guy saying we were approved for every bit of damage except for the water supply hose that caused the damage. 

It was a lot of money. 

So aside from the holes in the walls and missing cabinets, the hardwoods are ruined, the carpet in the basement is ruined, the subfloor is ruined. My laptop was rained on, my area rug smells like wet dog, and my ninja blender isn’t working the same. 

We were reimbursed for all of that. 

They even have a 25 dollar reimbursement listed to “remove and reset toilet paper holder.” 

I want that job. 

The problem is, we were just a year away from renovating our kitchen. So now we get to live with an exposed bulkhead and some wires. 

Also, we have no working oven. Only stove top. 

I know that these are all things, but having a house with four kids, three cats, and  two dogs is hard. Trying to make dinner is hard. It’s hard when Beau tries to stuff himself between the walls because he wants to get to me right away when I come home. 

It’s hard when you don’t have a space you dropped money on to complete and now no one can use it because the carpet’s been pulled back and there’s exposed tack strips. It’s hard when you had all these plans and now you are rushed to make a decision. Is it the right one? Will I like it? Do we have enough money? 


Just the other day, our tv and surround sound stopped working. It’s right by the water damage and it was explained to me that the humidity probably did it. 

And we tried to counter the humidity by using giant industrial dehumidifiers that only stressed Beau out to the point I thought he was dying. 

So it really did no good at all. 

As of right now, we’re looking at a kitchen and master bath remodel on top of the incredibly long  list of what needs to be fixed because of the water. 

Because that’s exactly what I wanted on my plate right now. But why would I have them rip up the vinyl flooring and replace the subfloor and live on that until we saved enough? Why would I have them rip up and replace the hardwood in my bedroom when we were going to expand our bathroom which may change the footprint anyhow? 

When the leak first happened, I honestly thought I’d just get my house painted. 

Boy was I wrong. 


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  1. Oh shit!!! That is so horrible! I am so sorry this happened to you!

    I really hate things like that, and I have never had anything that big happen in our home (water in the basement several times, lot of mold-problems, and a small fire was the worst). How do you deal with that? I mean, sure, at least the insurance pays for everything, which is great. But: All those many many decisions, and all the thousand tiny things you need to take care of, and all the MESS!
    I wish I could stop by your house and bring a cake or two, or help with the renovating. Sending you lots of energy for all the work ahead!

  2. I am so sorry for your troubles, Cassie. Sometimes, you just have to look toward the heavens and scream, “WTF?”

  3. On the bright side, you didn’t need FEMA. Formaldehyde trailors are bad for your health.

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