Pre-vacation insanity

Two weeks ago, I met with my new doctor. I lost my other doctor of 10 plus years, because of the whole Highmark/UPMC debate and I hadn’t seen her, for my own issues, probably since my PPD with Luca. Oops. The thing is, I see her all the time, because she’s also my kids’ doctor, but I tend to put things for myself on the back burner.

About 9 months ago, I was denied donating blood because my blood count was low. In all my years, that has never happened to me. Ever. I felt pretty defeated, and haven’t tried to donate since, which is silly, because I’m an every eight weeks donor. To put this into perspective, when I was pregnant, I was never even slightly anemic. Ever. I’ve always had a good count.

Then I noticed I’ve been having some hair loss, and major fatigue. And before anyone says, “Well you teach so much…” let’s just stop there. The working out was the only thing actually giving me energy. Otherwise, I felt sluggish. And when I’d wake up, I’d always feel foggy. So I knew it was time to see a doctor about it.

My new doctor is fantastic. She listened, was super personable and chatty, and before I knew it, an hour flew by and I was being jabbed with needles. Being as we have a family history of hypothyroidsm and my symptoms matched it to a T, I assumed that had to be the issue. She also threw on some iron studies to be sure.

So good news, my thyroid is just fine. My iron, however, was not. Turns out I’m anemic. Yay! But finally, I could have some answers. Why am I anemic? I don’t know. But my doctor is going to find out. Because she called me personally to tell me so.


I started my iron supplement, Iron Glycinate, because I know the horrors of iron supplements and stomach upset, and this one won’t do that.

And guess what? For a week now, since starting to take the supplements, I’m finally feeling a little better. I have more energy and when I wake up, on my own, at an early hour, I feel clear-minded and refreshed.

It’s like magic.

Saturday we leave for vacation. Sadie is staying with my sister, because everyone loves Sadie, but Beau doesn’t get along with Carly’s dog very well, so I have a dog sitter staying at the house while we’re away. She’s also handling the cats and mail, so that’s kind of a win all around. I often feel weird having people in my house, let alone in my house, alone, but I’m just letting go. I have to.

Truth be told, I’m embarrassed with how disheveled my house is with the water damage. Since it happened, nearly 3 months ago, NOTHING has happened yet. Not a single repair. It’s our fault, somewhat. Matt’s had a huge influx of travel lately, and we didn’t send the insurance check to the mortgage company right away, because we didn’t realize that along with our names, they were also cosigned on it. And waiting for them to make a decision on anything takes a ridiculous amount of time. I mean, come walk through my house, mortgage company. See the holes and exposed pipes and wires. It’s super fun. Now give us our money so we can fix it.

Eye roll.

I was tired of my house feeling unkept. I mean, I don’t keep a super tidy home, but it’s clean for the most part. And somewhat put together. And if a person walks in I’m not overly apologetic about how messy it is. So there’s that. But when they came and cut holes in the walls and pulled down cabinets, I have been apologizing to everyone who walks in, as if it’s my fault. I was so over it.

I had stopped caring, because everything was going to be replaced, so why clean it? To combat that feeling, I started to put things back together. The carpet squares I had to let dry, then stack, because our hardwoods were ruined, have been put back down in my bedroom. I know I’ll have to pick them up again soon, but screw it. I want to feel as if the wall next to it doesn’t have a gaping hole. I don’t care that the kitchen floor is going to be ripped up soon, I’m going to scrub it. Forget the fact that in a little bit, my kitchen will be redesigned, I’m going to take care of the clutter on the counter.

I mean, a very kind woman will be living in my home for several days until my mom takes over. I did NOT want her to dread coming here. So I oiled the couch, steam cleaned the rugs, put all the throw rugs through the washing machine, scrubbed all the bathrooms, put the basement back together in spite of the holes in the walls and the carpet half missing. I want to feel clean. I want to feel in control.


…I mean, look how white and clean everything is! It makes me feel okayish that my house has holes all over the place.

Then I made the kids clean their rooms.


Though, leave it to Claire to use the term “clean you room” loosely. At least there isn’t stuff all over her floor.

Luca, by far, did the best job. I wish I had a before photo, because it was an absolute disaster. He had a fun game of “holy shit, watch where you step or you’ll suffer death by Lego on your feet.”

I even cleaned my closet somewhat, and made a spot for Beau to sleep since he lays in it all the time. Then he lays on the hardwood to annoy me. (Also because it’s cool on his body, but I still am annoyed.)IMG_5007I mean, the way I look at it, when we get home, we’re coming home to a clean house. That can’t be all that bad, right?

But I wouldn’t be surprised if the kids try to hide my iron supplements from here on out, because I’ve been on fire.

I even fixed the portable DVD player with a butter knife, like MacGyver, subsequently saving the whole vacation from ruins of having to play the license plate game for 8 hours.

Kids don’t even know how good they have it these days for road trips.

Other things I have done because I’m borderline losing it:

Cleaning out Matt’s side of the garage, because he hasn’t been able to park his car in there since the accident due to all the ripped out cabinets and such has been held there. I organized and even VACUUMED it. A garage. I vacuumed it.


Arranged for my contractor to take the sliding glass door and old basement door away, because it had been sitting on my back patio for over a year. I told Matt it was an early birthday gift for him.

Tossed three bags worth of kid stuff in the basement for donation.

Threw away a broken dresser that had been just hanging out in the play room for several months.

Cleaned out my car. And didn’t loose a limb! I even oiled the leather.

Organized all the snacks for the trip down and made a list of things to bring.

So anyhow, the point is, if you send me on vacation, I clean stuff obsessively. So if you want your house cleaned, send me on a cruise, but not before I am invited to stay at your house for an extended weekend. I’ll make it shine.


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  1. A very kind woman staying there UNTIL your mother takes over? LOL What are you trying to say, Cassie??

  2. I am looking for those pills !

  3. Oh Cassie, I am so happy for you! Yay for feeling better and having more energy! Keeping my fingers crossed that the reason for you being anemic is insignificant and temporary. And I think I should go see a doctor just in case my tiredness and exhaustion is not only due to too much work…?
    You fancy an extended weekend in Germany including the possibility to clean a very messy and cluttered house? Gah, the window I wanted to repair one year ago is still in need of that, the door I sanded last autumn still needs varnishing (it started to rain before I got around to it, and continued for weeks…), I could go on and on.
    Have a great vacation!!!

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