We pause this post tonsillectomy recovery session to bring you my vacation

First, I’ll start by saying that Luca is doing pretty okay. As the days wear on, he is getting more sore and uncomfortable, as tonsillectomies typically do to people, but mostly, he’s not eating as much as he usually would, so he’s just tired. His spirits are high, and that’s all that really matters.

But I really don’t want to talk about that, because it’s stressful and I need to escape a moment.

So let’s talk about the vacation I took, that was actually a vacation, (because it was nearly perfect,) can we?

I went here:


It’s okay to be jealous. I’m jealous of me now, too.

So we went to my favorite place in the whole world, the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You know how sometimes you go somewhere and it speaks to you? Well, ever since I was a kid, it’s been that place. MY place.

We went with my in laws and some friends of ours, who have two kids, aged 9 and 6. So it really worked out well.

Duck Donuts Logo

First of all, this place has Duck Donuts. People. We know me by now, yes? I do crazy things for donuts. Remember that time I ate 6 in one sitting and ran two miles?

Where was I?


We did what normal people do on vacation.

IMG_5159And then we went parasailing.


Sadly, any photo documentation I have from that got lost when they went to burn it onto a cd. I do, however have GoPro proof somewhere around here. So that’s fun.

I also didn’t die. Even better.

Every morning, I took a different kid to the beach for special one on one time. We were up at 6 or earlier most mornings and it wasn’t terrible, because, how could you be sad when this was literally a minute walk away?


They got to choose where they went. Luca chose the sound first.

IMG_5247Where we stayed, it was less than a five minute walk to the sound side.

Mae chose the beach. And while we were walking, I was holding our sandals. She saw a plastic bottle and asked me to take it back to recycle (so my kid,) and when I did, I realized I had lost one of Mae’s brand new sandals. We walked up and down the beach looking for it, but it was nowhere to be seen. I asked an older gentleman to keep an eye out for it.


Later that day we got her a new pair, and when we went to the beach the next day, someone had left the missing sandal on our boardwalk for us.

Audrey chose instead of walking up and down the beach, to sit instead. I was fine with that.


The dad of the family that came with us is former Navy, and so one of the days, Matt, his dad and Claire and Luca, along with the dad and his son, drove up to Norfolk to take a tour of one of the planes he used to fly. While they did that, I took my mother in law and the girls to Bodie (pronounced Body) Island to tour the lighthouse. I had never been to that one before, so why not?


Mae and I climbed to the top, since she was just tall enough. It has a pretty neat history, if you ever want to google it.

The weather was pretty much perfect, up until the day they were to put off the fireworks for the Fourth. We still ended up seeing them, but they kind of haphazardly threw them off, since a storm was coming over the sound. We made the most of it, though.

My favorite was when a storm was brewing off the coast, and the clouds were absolutely amazing.


(That’s my friend’s son.)


Matt and I ran a Fourth of July 5k, where I didn’t PR, but I did place in my age group. It was super humid and hot, and my legs basically flipped me off, so it was a very painful 24 minutes.


Those are our fancy faces. Matt, however, got a PR. For the first mile and a half, he was within my sights. I probably could have gotten a best time, but man, my legs were lead.

So basically, it was a week filled with relaxing and shenanigans.

IMG_5503We didn’t have a hurricane push us out early this time.


In fact, we couldn’t have asked for better weather.


I’m not gonna lie. I thought that having four kids meant our vacations were over until they got older. But they were so well behaved.

IMG_5569I’m already planning for next year’s trip.


So now I’m back to reality where I’m force feeding popsicles on Luca all the while singing, “You’re my pop-si-cle!”

Please tell me you get that reference.

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  1. Hmm, I don’t get the reference, not at all. Hopefully something US-specific, so I don’t have to feel stupid?!
    And oh my word, I AM SO JEALOUS right now (no vacation for me this year probably) – the ocean, perfect weather, the ocean, one on one time with well-behaved kids, the ocean, a beautiful lighthouse, the ocean, …! Such beautiful pictures, too, and I am so happy you had a great time!!

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