And it begins

Remember about, oh I don’t know, nearly four months ago, I wrote about the water damage that basically ruined the whole right side of my house? 

Well goodbye money, we’re finally starting construction!

You know what isn’t easy? Making decisions. I remember sitting on my couch watching some episode of Property Brothers and thinking to myself, OMG these people are so whiny! Why is it so hard to choose a tile, flooring, sink, what have you? 

Oh. Oh Cassie. You judgmental thing you. Now that’s YOU!

Guys. I thought I knew everything about everything when it came to what I’d want my house to look like. But then I had to make legit decisions and put my money where my mouth is – literally.

I thought it would be all, “Hey, Cassie. What kind of floors do you want? What color cabinets do you want? Cool. We’ve got it from here.” But in reality, it’s do you want hardwood or engineered hardwood? Dark? Light? Wide plank or standard? Where are you getting your counter tops at? Do you want granite or quartz? Do you want light or dark? Do you want to spend a collage tuition on it? Yes? Community college or Ivy League?

And I’m sitting there, booting up the old Pinterest account and thinking, “I hate my life right now! This is the worst ever!” And what does Pinterest do? It makes everything worse. I suddenly get ideas. I want this and this and this and this, and before I know it, I just spent an imaginary fortune.

Well, shit.

I’m thankful that the contractor on the job is very communicative. I picked out all my new appliances and then sent him the specs so he could look them over to make sure they’ll fit in the cabinets he ordered. Then when he said that they would, I didn’t dare look at another kind of fridge because WHAT IF IT DOESN’T FIT, GUYS. WHAT IF.

All of a sudden I’m completely inept and unable to read for myself. I was told I could get a sink that would fit a 33 inch sink base. Okay. Cool. I go and look at all the ten million different sink options and I’m left going, “OH SCREW THIS,” and email my contractor what I like and he says which one fits, then I click order before I can change my mind.

So tonight, after I ordered my sink and faucet, I started to pack up the giant bookshelf because on Monday the crew is coming to start tearing down more ceiling and cabinets and I needed to feel like I was in control of something. It turned into me purging probably 50% of the kids’ toys and books. Most are being donated to the group but the good stuff like the matchbox cars and dinosaur action figures are going to my sister in law, who will undoubtedly someday regret it.

My family of six, plus three cats and two dogs, will be living out of cardboard boxes for a while it seems, since they dropped of 15 for me to pack up the kitchen. That’s going to be super swell. I’ve been really looking forward to the time when I get to cook dinner using only a crockpot or grill. I’m going to be the MacGyver of food. I’m already having to be creative, what with not having a working oven for four months, so this is really going to test my domestication. Can’t boil water? No problem.

Actually it is a problem since the majority of the things the kids eat is rice and pasta. So this’ll be a fun, fun time.

All sarcasm aside, I’m so thrilled that this is finally going to happen. I kind of figured it would never happen and I’d be left to look at the inside of my house forever. I mean, I love how things are built as much as the next guy, but I also happen to adore ceilings and having a space without exposed wires. Call me crazy.

So if you feel like leaving a hot dinner at my front door, please know I won’t turn it down. I’m kind of afraid my whole kitchen is going to be ripped out on Monday, with no clue as to when I’ll actually have cabinets and stuff put in. I mean, let’s get real here – they have to remove sub floor because it’s that damaged. This isn’t a simple job, not by a long shot.

But for now, I’m enjoying the calm before the storm. Before I find out if all my hours spent on Pinterest were wasted (probably) and if the months of this weird new normal can adjust into an even weirder new normal.

Stay tuned.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Cassie Bear, I have been through four kitchen remodels, trust me, you will get through it and not lose your mind in the process. It will be beautiful when done. Love you, Grandma

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