Respect the Taco Tuesday

It’s a weird thing, letting people into your house,  leaving them there, and trusting that they’ll do what they’re supposed to do.

The company we’ve been working with on the renovations have been so amazing. It was a little rocky of a start, but now that it’s fully up and running, it’s been so nice. I’ve always heard the common nightmares with renovations are that people don’t show up, don’t communicate, basically suck. Every day, they show up, and on time. They tell me what is on tap for the day and at the end of the day, they walk me through what they’ve done.

As I said before, there’s a lot of thought that goes into big renovations, and really, a lot of stupid little things you never would otherwise think about. Say, for example, wood floor patterns and the color of grout. Or when they said they’d have to close up a wide doorway a little bit (by nearly a foot) we came up with a plan to create a half wall instead.

I’m not sure if it’s helpful or annoying that I’m home almost all the time. But the guys that have been steadily coming are hilarious and really fun to have around.

Today is Taco Tuesday, but Carpenter Jim wanted to rip out the kitchen today.

Carpenter Jim: Are you still using your stove top?
Me: It’s Taco Tuesday.
Carpenter Tyler: You can’t ruin Taco Tuesday, Jim.

So they did their thing, ripped out the kitchen, the vinyl flooring below, replaced the drywall, and then put the stove back in place.

Carpenter Tyler: Taco Tuesday has been restored!


Indeed it has!

We’ve had a few mishaps, but nothing too major. Sure, the one day Carpenter Jim accidentally busted a hot water pipe, but he got his punishment when he used his hand to hold the break. Of course, that day, no one knew where the water supply was at, so I had to quickly run downstairs to basically save the day. As I ran down the stairs, I heard, “Yah, so this is the HOT water…just saying. Please hurry..”

Pretty much every difficulty that’s happened is because of the fact that our house is a Maronda home. They’re not really known for their reliability and they’re all built at a price point, read: cheaply. The plumbing is a mess. The piping they use isn’t even manufactured any longer due to the fact that they have a 20 year life span and are incredibly fragile. The way they wired the house was a nightmare to sort out, and the way they put in the heating ducts were a complete joke.

The best thing was probably when they pulled the drywall off in our old master bathroom. Carpenter Jim called me upstairs and said, “Did you ever get heat out of that vent?”
“Now that you mention it, no, why?”
“Yah, I think I found the problem.”


There weren’t any ducts connected to the vent, with an actual note saying, “Fix me.”

The big stuff is about to start happening soon. Tomorrow they’re moving a floor vent from the middle of the room (previously butting up against a cabinet that will no longer be there) to be closer to the wall, and then they’ll begin laying some of the floor so that they can put the beginning of the cabinets in.

My garage is filled to the brim with appliances, cabinets, a vanity and other random things for renovation. The old playroom is where all the dining room stuff and pantry items ended up, and it’s standing room only. The living room has been blocked off by a plastic wall divider, where I’m sequestered to every day. It’s a sad little hole, and a giant bookshelf is blocking the tv, though that’s not too terrible since we hardly watch it anyhow. Our basement finally has tile going in. The carpet was ruined by the water, and the cats, in anger, peed on it, so we decided to just forgo the carpet from now on, and go with the tile we had in the mudroom. It looks pretty good, and in a few months, when life calms down and I’m sure the cats won’t be assholes, I’ll get some more Flor carpet squares for the area.

So that’s where life is right now. Every day there’s dust and noise and random people coming in and out of my house. But they’re super respectful and every day they clean up their mess.

Tomorrow school starts for Claire and Luca, and we will settle into a new normal of making lunches, quick catch the bus, random people entering my house, dust, noise, and bus drop off. I’m okay with that, if it means the work is done with high quality and I eventually get my house back.


Also, side note, I will be running the 2016 Pittsburgh Half Marathon, again, for the Animal Rescue League. I will, however, be running the 5k, the day before, for SPAAR. We are new to being a Marathon charity, and currently can’t offer to pay for people’s registrations, but if you’re running the race, and want to do good at the same time, with no minimum to raise, please consider helping us out. Click here for the link. Or, if you want to throw 10 bucks our way, it would be greatly appreciated. We are 100% crowdsourced and rely on kindness from everyone to keep pulling senior animals into our rescue.


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