When I was a kid I read an article in Muse magazine about slaughtering practices in modern farming.

I was appalled.

Probably one of the worst, and sometimes the best things about me is that once I make a decision, I don’t back down. That day, after reading the article and seeing the pictures, I never ate red meat, or pork, again.

I don’t sit there and tell people why I choose not to eat that meat, I just say that I don’t. And while I know I can go to a local farm where the cows and pigs are happy until they’re killed, I just can’t. Once I make up my mind, it’s made. Quite honestly, I don’t feel as if I’m missing anything, and when a stray pig shows up at the animal shelter, I can chill with it, knowing I didn’t just eat its cousin the other day.

Also, before someone thinks, well, she DOES eat chickens and turkeys…reread the title of this post. I am a hypocrite.

90% of the time the chicken I buy is sourced from places where they are happy and not fed their dead friends, or pumped full of antibiotics. So at least there’s that, but even then, I don’t consume a lot of meat in general.

Anyhow, a few months ago, I went to my doctor because I’ve been having significant hair loss. I’m not talking about some extra hairs on my shirt or in my brush, I’m talking clumps of hair coming out, to the point that my hair is so thin I’m considering shaving my head and starting over.

My first visit with her, we did a whole slew of blood tests, assuming my thyroid was out of whack, but instead we found out that it was perfect, as was most of the blood work.

I am, however, anemic.

I went to the store, bought some good iron supplements, and went on with my life.

The hair loss continued, and it felt like it sped up. I don’t know how many hairs are on the average human, but I felt like I was probably down 75%. Why?

Frustrated, I went to my neighbor to have her cut my hair, figuring having less split ends would help when I brushed – less tangles, less pulling.

She looked at my hair and said, “It’s not the ends, it’s all of it. It’s so brittle, that even the new hairs growing in are breaking. I think you have a protein deficiency.”


So now, aside from worrying about vanity, I was worried about what was really wrong with me. I went back to my doctor, who looked at my hair and said, “Yup. I bet it’s a protein deficiency. For how much you work out, and based on your diet, you need to add protein powder to your smoothies and I’d strongly advise gelatin.”

What the what? Gelatin? Horse hooves?

Yah, no. Good, quality gelatin is actually cow. Gelatin is a protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water.

I had to have a talk with myself. Is this still about vanity? Is this about health? What is more important to you? Because right now, you’re wearing your glasses 24/7, you can’t wear eye make up, your hair is so thin and brittle that there’s no amount of anything to make it look okay. You feel ugly. You’re a hot mess. And while the glasses are only temporary, right now – right in this moment – it’s wearing on you.

After researching (a lot) I found a good, quality gelatin that uses happy cows. The company even has a third party come in and do frequent checks to make sure it is so.

I guess that makes me feel better. What makes me feel the best about it is that at least all of the cow is being used, so there isn’t any waste. Nothing makes me sadder than waste. But am I still a hypocrite?

Often times we forget all the things that go into a human to keep them healthy. While I eat rather clean, exercise enough, and keep generally active, I was still missing something. I still wasn’t as healthy as I should be. Why were my muscles so tired some days? Why was I losing hair? It all makes sense now.

I’m giving it a few months to start to improve. If it doesn’t, I may just shave my head. What’s the point of keeping something if it’s only bringing you down, right?

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. mary ann napoleone

    Kudos on your meatless stand. Haven’t eaten red meat since BluzDude was a baby, 54 years. My hair falls out, grows back in. Nails split then heal. Try a good hair/skin care specialist. You need care not cosmetics.
    For perfect protein, try red beans and rice or lentils with anything.
    Happy Hair!

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