The Great Renovation of 2015 Part 1

Now that my home is about 95% complete, I feel as though I can finally come out and share photos. First, let us refresh our memories of where we have come from.


Immediately after the water damage in April, my oven was ruined. The stove top was still salvageable, but the insulation got wet in the oven and they said no go for using it until it was replaced. They took down all the overhead cabinets and our house stayed this way, along with various holes and drywall missing, until August.


When they finally were able to start, they removed the wall between the dining room and kitchen, to allow for us to expand the kitchen. That wall coming down alone, was hands down, the best day ever. Our house went from feeling small to feeling so huge.


We lived like this for a few weeks, maybe four or so, on the exposed plywood. But as soon as the walls and ceiling came down, the electrician came in and roughed out for the new kitchen and put in the pot lights.


When the floors and walls were removed, they discovered a nail had gone through a hot water pipe when the house was built. Over the years it started to leak. I had mentioned to them before renovations started that I felt a dip in the floor and could push it with my toe. Well, this was why. A simple fix, and they moved on.


Prior to DRS starting the major work, I had the carpenter who built the basement come back and change out this bannister, because it was hideous.

We also had our upstairs bedroom/master bath/closet area gutted, but that’s for another day.

So it’s safe to say that basically every single surface in my house has been replaced or refinished. Every. Last. One.

The floors have gone from a roll out vinyl and the hardwood that we had put in was damaged by the water, to a wide plank engineered hardwood. The kitchen went from 6 feet of broken up counter space divided into three spots, to now I have no idea what to do with all the space.


So please remember I said we’re 95% done. If you’ll notice, the drawers aren’t all there or straight, because we’re waiting on the cabinet company to send us new parts that were damaged in transport, and the crown that’s covering the duct work on the tops of the cabinets aren’t in yet, but here it is.

It’s much better in person, I assure you, but let’s chat about it.

First of all, all the work was done by Disaster Restoration Services out of Gibsonia. Every single carpenter that showed up to my house to do work was kind, courteous, prompt and fun. They all treated me with respect, but moreover, my children AND dogs. Beau got so much attention, I think he’s really sad they’re not here today. I can’t stress enough how much I love them. I had the project manager’s number so I could text him any issues, and if I wanted something modified, they would do it. Plus they were funny.

True story, one day as the carpenter was pulling drywall, a pipe burst (totally not his fault, the pipe was weak) and was gushing hot water all over him. Prior to that, we were talking about pulling the wall by the stairs back by 7 inches to widen the doorway. He was saying it probably couldn’t happen, and I was sad, but okay with it. Once all the water was cleaned up and the carpenter called himself a dumbass, he walked over to the wall and said to the electrician, “How can we make this happen?” He felt so badly that we would be without water for 24 hours while the glue dried on the pipe, that he went above and beyond to make that wall happen. And it did. And I love it.

So if you ever have any sort of damage to your home ever, please call them and tell them I sent you.

The counter tops are quartz, called Sparkling White. We went through Troy Granite, and highly recommend them. We shopped around to three other places, and I will say they had the best customer service. I will never do business ever with Armina Stone on 910, because the manager refused to give me the quote, rather she wanted to send it to DRS, even though I was paying for it with my own money. I suspect she a.) wanted to build business with big companies and b.) wanted to allow them to up the price so they could pocket some more money, which they didn’t want to do. And even after repeated calls, she never gave me my quote. So whatever. Bye.

The cabinets are by Armstrong in linen.

The wall color is Guilded Linen by Valspar.

The floors are Saddle in 5 inch wide planks by Shaw.

The paint on the back wall by the desk area is called Aloe by HGTV Sherwin Williams.

I chose to use oil rubbed bronze handles to tone down the amount of white. Matt was concerned the kitchen would be too white, but the floors and handles really pull it together.


The bannister has been replaced by my carpenter Steve Mosco. I stained it with a dark walnut and used a matte poly to finish it up.

The photos on the wall were a project I did with some wooden plaques and blocks of various sizes, spray paint, spray adhesive and some printed photos.



The sink and faucet are from Amazon and made by Vigo. They got some of the highest ratings out there. The stainless doesn’t scratch easily and it’s got noise dampening, which, let’s face it, four kids and loud plates…IMG_0439

For the first time since April, I can bake things. With two ovens! All of the appliances are from AJ Madison. If you want a good deal, free shipping, and no sales tax, then I highly suggest them. They even upgraded my shipping to in home delivery and gave me a 5 year warranty that is pretty darn awesome.

The pendant was a find on Amazon. I can’t remember now what it’s called. But I loved the cracked glass. I had purchased an edison bulb for it, but the electrician put this one in and I haven’t changed it yet.IMG_0468

The backsplash is made of crushed pearls, and I’m not even close to joking.

The man who put in all of the floors, tile, and backsplash was so incredibly amazing I have to make sure to give him a shout out:


I dare you to come over and find one flaw with any of his work. It’s perfection.

I’ll be gushing next post about him when we talk about the bathroom, because it’s basically all tile, and all his work.

Yesterday my friend Nick and I constructed a built in for the living room. It’s not done yet, so when it is, I’ll give a tour of the rest of the first floor. The dining room chairs will be here tomorrow, as will the new rug.

So for right now, that’s what I’ve got to share.

I’m excited that not only is this now the house of my dreams, but that after all that happened, and living in a half broken house, and going days without working appliances, water… bathrooms… what have you, we got through it. We didn’t argue. I’ve seen every last part of my house, and what’s hiding behind the drywall, and it’s pretty neat, but I hope I never have to again. My family pulled it together and took the kids on days when there was a lot of stuff going on during the summer days, which is so awesome. For two months, we had to eat dinner out on the deck because we didn’t have a table inside or any space to eat as a family. We had to wear shoes 24/7 to keep from stepping on screws or nails. We would go days without eating a proper dinner because I had no real way of preparing something, or the kitchen was too busy all day and I couldn’t start a crockpot (or forgot.) The kids enjoyed the days when we’d dine on cheese and crackers and fruit and peanut butter.

But last night, for the first time in months, I made Matt’s favorite – turkey meatloaf with mashed potatoes, and we all sat in the new dining room and enjoyed a meal together and we all agreed – it was worth it all.


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  1. So happy for you! Everything looks amazing. And I’m so impressed with all of the decisions you made. I would have been paralyzed by the decisions initially. You have great taste!

  2. It all looks great ,like a new house .

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