TGRo2015 Part II

The bathroom. I’m going to tell you now, that this is the room I was the most excited about. When family was over for Claire’s birthday party, I welcomed people to bring their wine up to see it. Because it’s a classy space, people. CLASSY.

When we first bought the house, I immediately wanted to save for a bathroom renovation. The ‘master’ bathroom, if you will, was tiny. The shower, in theory, could have been large, since it was four feet wide, but it was a fiberglass drop in, that had two benches and bump out shelving, reducing it to an 18 inch square in the center that we had to stand in.

This photo, taken the night of the water damage, gives an idea of the size. Also, note the bench in the shower. We had one on either side of the shower. Talk about space waster.IMG_2917

The master closet was much nicer. It had vaulted ceilings and was very large. It had plenty of space for Matt and me, but the problem was, there was no way to close the door, so if you didn’t keep it tidy, you always saw your mess. That’s why Matt’s side was on the most visible side, as he has OCD when it comes to closet organization. The second you actually walked into the closet, however, you saw all of my stuff, and well, embarrassing.

The worst part about this whole renovation was probably the day everyone from DRS and plumbing stood in the bathroom/closet entrance next to my bras and underwear and cat litter box and we talked about toilets.

I don’t remember ever taking a before photo of this, but here’s a during:


This was taken when the only place I could sit was in the window seat in my room because there were people working on every floor and basically every room (save for the kids’) so I had to make do.

So to orient you, to the left is the old bathroom and the right is the old closet. You can still see the shower and toilet in there. Here they were taking down the drywall to reframe the wall to put in my pocket door.

The opening to the room was always that high, as you can see in the center, and I didn’t want to loose all of that, so I came up with a fantastic solution, which I’ll get to in a second.

But first, people always ask, “OMG, but now you don’t have a closet! What will you do?”

Simple. We created new ones!


We had DRS come and cut up some of the ruined hardwood and I asked my carpenter to build closets. This is the front of our room, and frankly, Matt and I have always agreed that our room was far too big for the two of us. It has beautiful vaulted ceilings and all, but wow, we could never find the correct furniture to make it feel cozy.


Obviously this photo is old, because now the room is finished with floors and such, but you get the idea. That was our solution. And now our room feels so less sterile.

So the bathroom. Here we go.


First thing, we closed up the entrance way to allow for the pocket door, however I bought a transom window and had the guys install it. Since we added a window to the outside, and we don’t have a lot of windows in this house, I wanted to make sure we didn’t miss out on any bit of the light. Our bedroom is bright all of the time, even on rainy days, and I can’t even begin to explain how happy it has made me.

I really wanted the doors cased in as one whole unit, and so I had to go online to find a picture to show the main carpenter because he kept looking at me like I had 10 heads. He *finally* got my vision and wow, I just love it all.


So the window is huge. Four feet wide by three feet high. It’s over the roof that we had built over the deck a few years back and faces the quiet backyard and pine trees. The tile on the floor is the same tile and configuration (pinwheel) that we have in the basement and main floor powder room. The marble subway tile on the walls are just about the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. If you remember from the last post, Mike the tile/floor/amazing guy came up with the idea to embellish with a little pencil edge at the top before the beveled marble piece to cap it.


I spent the better part of this morning assembling the corner cabinet. Obviously we’re still missing the heat vent cover, but the guys still have some work to do, so we can just ignore that. I’m sure it’ll be fancy when it’s in.


The shower is the exact same size as the old shower, but it FEELS so huge. I asked Mike to make a niche instead of a shelf, because a.) I tend to knock stuff over in the shower and b.) I didn’t want any space to be taken away. I got the shower curtain on super clearance from West Elm.


I have a chandelier. When I handed it to the electrician, he honest to god said, “What the fuck is this shit?” which made me laugh so hard. I mean, sure, it would be over the top if we didn’t have the vaulted ceilings, but I think that a high ceiling requires bling. My response to him was, “Are you going to bathe here? No? Shut up.”

*Note, these guys were in my house every day, for eight hours, for nearly 3 months. We have a good rapport.


The vanity is so awesome. I ordered it from ATG Stores, a byproduct of Lowes. It arrived in one piece, unscathed, with free shipping and 10% off. The top is marble, which means that if/should I henna again, I cannot do it anywhere near my bathroom. (Marble stains.) The drawers are soft close, which, yay! And the mirror is from Target. Note the pencil edge on the tile. LOVE.


My tub was a pain in the butt, because apparently it was special ordered. It’s 19 inches deep and what was so special, was the overflow valve. At the time, I was pretty frustrated about the whole ordeal, but after everyone left and the kids were asleep, and I took a nice hot bath, I didn’t care anymore. 19 inches deep! I mean, seriously.


The rug is from I got free shipping, no sales tax and 70% off. I mean, shut up.

So that’s my bathroom. It’s perfection. I feel like it’s something people put on Pinterest and dream about.

Matt kept telling me the whole time I planned, that we were only doing this once, so we may as well do it right.

I feel as though this is right.

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  1. That is an awesome bathroom. Love the tile!

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