The Indestructible Maelie

Every family has one. That kid who, if you don’t say, “be careful,” they will inevitably get hurt.

Mae has always been my danger baby. She’s the one who is always doing something kind and then gets injured.

The day I got Lasik, Mae, having just emerged from the bathtub, went streaking into her bedroom, and when she jumped into bed, she went head first into her headboard and split open her eyebrow.

When I first looked at it, I figured I could probably have closed it with steri-strips, but this is my kid’s head. She already had her forehead glued shut once before, after taking a nose-dive onto the corner of a chair. She’s also had hot coffee spilled on her belly and had some nasty burns from it. Thankfully, she has not a single scar on her belly from that awful nightmare.

So Matt quickly got her dressed and off they went to Children’s.

Is it horrible to say that if I had to pick a kid to be injured, I’d prefer it to be Mae? She’s honestly the easiest going kid, even when in terrible pain.

That said, of course I’d rather none of my kids to be hurt or sick, but so goes life.


She honestly gets excited about every little thing. Her preschool teacher said that her favorite thing about Maelie is that she finds the joy in all things.

So naturally, we FaceTimed, because I had just had eye surgery and was in no shape to leave the house. It killed me not to be there with her when she needed me, but to be quite honest, Matt’s better at this than me. Though he did break my cardinal rule of: No residents suture up my kid’s face.

A note to Matt. Learn this for next time.


As Mae’s version of the story goes: I got this jelly on my face, but it wasn’t jelly that you put on a sandwich. It made my face stop hurting.


Then they put stuff up my nose and when I woke up, it was morning time and I got breakfast. And my face had bandaids on it.


What she didn’t know was that she was knocked out, sutured up and as Matt explains, had the hardest time carrying Mae’s dead weight out of the ER to the car.


I, on the other hand, waited up to the best of my ability, still coming down from my Xanax high, and had Siri read text messages to me, because reading things made my eyes water. I therefore changed Siri’s voice to a male Australian that Mae has subsequently named Broccoli.





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  1. Ouch! That looks bad. But how great that she finds something positive in everything, and that Matt was there to take her to the ER.
    How is she doing now, and how are you? How long does it take to note a difference in your sight?

  2. Betty Shellhamer

    Stitches look good on her ! She is so beautiful .

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