The caregivers who care and the mom who sort of does

I think the one thing I hear the most from people is: “Wow, you must be so organized. I don’t know how you do what you do.”

Usually I smile and say thanks, but sometimes I laugh, because if people really only knew what a typical day looked like for me, they wouldn’t be calling me organized in the least bit.

It is true, as the kids grow older, and potty trained, it becomes much easier to do things and get stuff done, but instead of me doing all the things, rather I yell at the kids to do the things, and sometimes if I’m lucky, it actually gets done.

To my kids’ credit, they’re busy a lot. Depending on the day, they get home from school, have a limited time to get their homework done before we’re off to a gym for me to work. Don’t get me wrong, they love it. I’m very fortunate that the people who watch them are awesome, patient humans who actually engage my kids in play. On Monday nights is a young girl who indulges the kids in basketball and tea parties, on Tuesdays, it’s another young girl who plays volleyball and dance parties with them, and on Thursdays it’s this very tall, good looking guy who isn’t afraid to fake spar with them and do your basic shenanigans. He’s also the guy, who when Mae first met, said he couldn’t be a ballerina, but he could be a male dancer if he wanted to be. True story.

On the nights that I don’t teach, we go to taekwondo or they get a much needed night of nothing.

I’ve preached up and down before about the merits of ATA Oakmont Martial Arts. They’re amazing. And over the years since we’ve joined, (FIVE years ago!) they’ve grown and created a very solid training environment. They are constantly thinking of ways to make martial arts fun, educational and for every person out there. They have given three of my kids confidence that you can’t learn elsewhere. Being taught discipline, kindness, compassion, friendship, self defense…the list is really endless.

So basically, it takes a village. While yes, my house is somewhat tidy most of the time, and I can’t leave crap on the floor, because Alfred the Roomba frowns upon that, I often leave laundry in the dryer for days and some days I forget to start the crockpot, so when we get home from the gym at 7, and there’s nothing to eat right then and there…

When we’re in the car on the way home from the gym, I will read the kids the riot act: When we get out of this car, you will put your shoes where they belong, HANG your coats up, put your homework back in your bag, get your jams on, wash your hands and sit at the table.

Of course, I will get into the house, there will be some shoes put away, not all, but they’re always happy to change into jams, and then, the next morning I end up driving their homework to school because it was left on the counter.

So basically, my life isn’t what it seems. I’ve spent the past hour either talking on the phone to my mother, watching clips from The Daily Show, writing this blog and buying last minute gifts. I’ve been totally underproductive, but my fitbit is charging, and if I move, that’s basically wasting steps. The kids will get off the bus in exactly 30 minutes, and the moment they step in the door it’ll be like I took a shot of espresso while I get them to do all their homework, change my clothes for work, (because why would I do that now?) get them their snacks, get the rest of dinner together in the crockpot and rush out the door, probably while yelling at them to move a little faster. But they smile, and laugh, and will probably in 20 years reminisce together about how crazy mom was.

Oh, and since Audrey has decided she’s only got a few more months left of being two, she may as well act the part. She’ll probably scream, flail and shout, “I DON’T YIKE YOU, MOM!”

So go ahead, people. Say I’m organized. Say I’m super mom. But let’s get real here. I’m just trying to keep it together so that I can have a robot vacuum my floors and make it look like I give a damn.



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  1. Wowwwwww sounds like my daily life omfgggg! I have a 8&11 year old who never wants to get out of bed,but want every game that comes out for these game consoles and have to pull teeth in order to do chores! And then ask for 250.00 sneakers as if I’m rich! So i understand this post honey.check out mines…

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