Is this doable? Let me know.

Last year, when I did the fundraiser for the families, there was some confusion on the Amazon wishlist and I ended up with duplicates of winter coats. I didn’t want to return them because a.) I didn’t know who they belonged to and b.) the person who purchased it, obviously wanted it to go to someone in need.

So I contacted the school my kids go to and asked if they knew of kids there that could use a brand new coat.

They could, so I dropped them off.

This year I decided to make it a mini-fundraiser and make sure all of the kids there got a warm coat and boots. I asked the guidance counselor if she could get a list of kids that are in need. She sent home in each kids backpacks, a flyer asking if anyone is in need of coats and boots this winter – parents included.

The need wasn’t huge, but still there.

Yesterday I posted the link and my amazing friends gobbled up the items very quickly. 24 hours later, I was left with only one pair of shoes and some gloves.

Today I got another email from the guidance counselor with a few more requests. Three more kids, a girl and two boys.

She said, “Is this doable? Or is this too much? Please let me know.”

So. Let me know. Is this doable? Or is this too much?

Here’s the link.


Thanks for all the times you’ve helped me spread kindness.

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