About Cassie

1538779_10151971253818791_1765164029_nBorn in Minneapolis in the awesome year of ’84, I grew up loving Raffi and Toad the Wet Sprocket. Nothing much has changed since my kids do, too. Being cool isn’t something you’re made into, you’re born that way.

Now living in Pittsburgh, I gave up (temporarily) being a nurse, and have focused more on being a SAHM, but I throw in teaching at (many) gyms. I’m RPM, BodyFlow, and Body Pump certified and schlep all over the city filling in where needed. I’m a volunteer for the Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh where I mentor new volunteers and jog with the shelter dogs. We also do a lot of fundraising for them, as Claire has taken a shine to the facility. I’m also the Manager of Social Media for SPAAR, a nonprofit senior animal rescue called SPAAR (Senior Pet and Animal Rescue.)

In my free time I love to cook, draw, craft and make a mess. I write like I think, so take that however you want. I’m married to a truly awesome man who puts up with my crap on a daily basis. We have a very full house with four kids, two dogs, and three cats. Sadie is our first (fur)child, who is ten years young. We just added in a 10 year old German Shepherd mix named Beau and a  bobtailed cat named Jill. Boss and Lila are the other two cats who pretty much rule the house. Our kids, Claire, Luca, Mae, and Audrey are sweet, kind, a little annoying and a lot rambunctious.

So –

Welcome to a little piece of my chaos I call life.

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