inappropriate gym attire?

Matt and I (and the kids) just got back from the gym where the people watching was in full forced-awesomeness. I couldn’t get over it. I mean, really, is this what I miss by usually working 12 hour days on Saturdays? The amazingness of it all?

I was thinking back to Mrs. Bachelor Girl’s post about Regretsy or Etsy. (By the way, super genius!) And thought to myself, which outfit would be appropriate , inappropriate or just plain wrong?

First up we have this:

It was topped with a lovely black tee shirt. And don’t worry, she didn’t forget the matching leopard print sweatband. (It was pretty awesome.)

The only way I’d say she could get away with this ensemble is the fact that she could lift more than me and could probably kick my ass.

Next we have this:

A sports bra…

…And some questionably short shorts. Personally, the chick wearing that outfit couldn’t have been more than 17 and had a really awesome body, but still. Being 17 and in a gym that, at the time, housed about 35 men between the ages of 20 and 40… you get the picture. Sure, I wish I could wear outfits like that, but, I’m on the fence about that one.

Lastly, we have this:

Remember Z pants? I’m sure my Grandpa does since he TOTALLY owned a pair. This dude was rockin’ them. I mean, straight up benching 150 pounds and all while wearing his Z pants. Breaking a sweat. Jamming to his ipod. Wearing Z pants.

I’ve got to quit my job so I can go to the gym every Saturday. This was AWESOME.



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  1. I have to admit that I have a pair of Steelers Z-pants, although I never wear them. In fact, I don’t think I’ve worn them since the day had them on for Super Bowl XXX, when the Steelers lost to the Cowboys.

    Don’t ask me why I still even have them in the closet…

  2. Z pants to the gym? Awesome.

  3. At least the leopard outfit matched. And those shorts are too short for EVERYTHING. But Z pants ought to be outlawed.

  4. If I went to that gym I would probably work out in a coat and then go ask my friends for some anti-depressants. Why not? Everyone seems to be on them. They probably all went to the gym, that’s why!

  5. I’m surprised Miss Shorty Shorts didn’t roll the top to make them even shorter. Because that’s what all the cool kids do!

  6. Good thing you missed me in my bike shorts and Ed Hardy t-shirt. I do squats now. I am awesome!

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