The up then down, then up, then down, then up again birthday

Today is Matt’s 29th birthday. Yay! It started out good enough, I made breakfast and then the kids and I headed out to the grocery store. In the meantime, Matt went for a nice 6 mile run. All good! Double yay!

Then we went to Station Square with Matt’s parents at The Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, which was AWESOME FOOD, and then the kids played in the fountain.

And Mae watched in awe:

At this point, Maelie was exhausted:

We got home and put the kids down to sleep. Except poor Miss Mae wouldn’t. She decided that she was overtired (which is a big no-no, for those who have never experienced it before) and so screaming for an hour and a half was warranted.

Finally, she fell asleep or passed out or gave up or whatever…sigh…and Matt and I watched the Pirates AAAAALMOST sweep the Red Sox.

Then we were all awake and I started to make dinner. While Matt’s 1 1/2 pound piece of strip steak was cooking on the grill (I swear I’m not over exaggerating) we sat out on the deck and enjoyed the weather. Luca was by himself on the lower part of the deck when a small bee started to swarm his head. He started to scream, “I scared, Mama! I scared!” But by the time Matt got to him, it was too late. The poor little dude got stung.

It’s weird that my larger than normal-eyed boy had a small eye. So weird. He got stung just below his eye on the lash line.

I paged my doctor and she said that as long as his breathing was fine, that I should just give him some tylenol for the pain, ice it as much as he’d let us and give him some benadryl.

I also added in chocolate cake and Toy Story 3.

Then it was time for dinner. Matt states that he grilled the most perfect steak he’s ever had. For the record, I made the peppercorn/garlic marinade.

And Maelie gummed a green bean:

And then I made the most amazing chocolate cake EVER:

And the kids enjoyed it thoroughly:

So. To my bestest friend in the whole wide world, the love of my life, the hottest server (aside from myself, of course) to ever grace TGI Fridays #1101, the most patient, kind, caring, considerate, hard-working, Penguins loving man I have ever met – Happy 29th Birthday. May we have many more together. I love you.


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  1. Happy birthday, Matt! And feel better soon, Luca!

  2. I love the Geri-Curl. Bring that back!!!! Happy Birthday Matt!

  3. Emily Haraldson

    Awwwwwwww – so sweet! Yeah, Geri-Curl! Geri-Curl! You guys are so young in that one.

    And, Luca!!! Give him a big hug from his great-auntie, okay? Poor little dudelet!

  4. I’m so jealous of Matt. That steak sounded wonderful.

    Tell Luca your buddy bluz got stung by a bee when he was a little boy too, but he got over it. Eventually. But he learned to give the big ones a looooooot of room.

  5. Happy Birthday Matt!

    And that pic of Mae holding that giant green bean is awesome. Leela got into a hornet’s nest once and her eye swelled up just like Luca’s. Hope Luca man gets to feeling better soon.

  6. Why do I feel the need to re-create all of the pictures you take of your kids? Me gumming a green bean? I’m pretty sure that’d make me an Internet superstar.

    Also, that baked potato looks AMAZING. Oh, and the CAKE. I’ve only been off of carbs for two days, and already I’m slobbering over your food.

  7. Oh, how cute are you??? So sorry for Luca’s eye. Yikes. BTDT with a baby in a car seat at a soccer game. She got it in the cheek (not as close to her eye as Luca) and her hand. She turned red and swelled up and looked like we tried to kill her. I hate when babies get stung!

    Happy birthday to your Matt. Except for the overtired screaming it sounds like a great day.

    Missed you! Am back and will TRY to keep up now.

  8. PS! You know the cake is good when the frosting runs over the plate! 😀 Homerun, baby.

  9. Oh you kids.

    sweet post. And yes, overtired babies are The Worst.

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